Boxer's your man, he has a plan!

A new revolution blooming

The Truth Of "The Great" Napoleon

Napoleon may seem like a hardworking pig from what was told to us by squealer, but in reality he isn't doing anything productive or useful to benefit us or the farm! He has been caught wearing all kinds of different clothing, drinking alcohol with the other pigs, and making friends with the humans from other farms. Not only has he been breaking the rules that HE came up up with, but he had been lying to us in our own faces. Do you really want someone like that to be put in charge? We need to put a stop to this right now before its too late, so I say, DOWN WITH NAPOLEON! Its time we get a proper leader who will undo all the wrongs Napoleon has created and let us become a TRULY FREE farm.

Boxer as leader

Boxer is clearly the best and possibly the only animal that should have the responsibility of running the farm. For example, i was said that, "Boxer was the admiration of everybody. He had been a hard worker even in Jones's time, but now he seemed like three horses than one; there where days when the entire work of the farm seemed to rest on his mighty shoulders" (46). This proves that Animal Farm would be NOTHING without Boxer. If he suddenly left, no progress would be made, so just think about how fast, smoothly, and efficiently things would run with him as leader! He never gives up and even in the worst cases he keeps moving forward saying, "I will work harder" (47, 75, 85, 120)! Furthermore, Boxer is an animal that cares about EVERYONE. This can be shown when snowball is leading the war an Boxer accidentally kills a human and says, ""I have no wish to take life, not even human life," repeated Boxer, and his eyes were full of tears" (59). This shows that Boxer doesn't want to do more harm than necessary, unlike Napoleon who has killed many farm animals. in addition, Boxer would make a charismatic leader with his positive attitude towards everything showing the other animals the difference between right and wrong. In conclusion, Boxer is determined, empathetic, and an overall perfect leader. The farm would be in good hooves with him in charge.

How Boxer plans to run the farm

Boxer wants the farm to feel completely different and 5 times better then how it was when Jones or Napoleon had it.

He first intends to work hard to finish the windmill and grant electricity to the farm. with the windmill, the farm will have machines to make everyone work easier and shorter. Next he will save up money so the farm can have the technology to produce more and better quality food for the animals so everyone can have a healthy and EQUAL share. With food in their belly's and less hours of work the farm and animals will be more efficient and happy.

New Commandments

1. All arguments and fights must be settled nonviolently.

2. Everyone is a friend unless voted otherwise.

3. No animal shall do or sell drugs.

4. Animals may wear whatever makes them happy.

5. Animals must make an effort to learn all 26 letters.

6. No animal can be forced to work over 8 hours.

7. All animals must have and use common sense.

8. Animals can love and be with whomever they choose.

The Movement

Saturday, April 16th, 6pm

Pyland's Lane


This is our time to revolt! Here is the plan:

-Our mice friends will put a fake note from Mr. Frederick on Napoleons bed saying that he wants to make a deal with Napoleon for the left over wood. He will give Napoleon the materials he needs to finish the windmill, 100£, and a months supply of apples, but he wants to talk it over with Napoleon at 6:00 pm near the gate first.

-Napoleon might be a little skeptical at first, but will go anyway for the apples.

-When the time comes and Napoleon and his dogs show up, we will have boxer blow a Galton's whistle, AKA dog whistle, so that the dogs will be in pain and wont want to attack.

-While the whistle is being blown we will surround Napoleon and have clover run up and kick Napoleon and the dogs just hard enough to knock them out.

-Once that is done we will put Napoleon in a crate and ship him off to America so he can be "loved" by all and once the dogs are awake, we will have Bluebell retrain them to be kind again.