FTW Indicium

August 2013

You Control You

This is an excerpt from an article by David Allen of Elite FTS.

I really like the message-

"Changing your entire life can be tough. Just imagine if I told you to stop working out and start eating junk food all day. For many of you, that would be impossible. Well, that’s the same drastic change that many times we ask obese people to make. Somewhere among TV shows, internet memes, and personal relationships, the fitness industry has put out the idea that every person needs to be fit and healthy. Well, I don’t think they do. I think people need to be whatever the hell they want to be. I don’t have any problem saying that improving your physical health improves your mental health, your emotional health, your spiritual health, and your sexual health. But if you’re cool with having a belly so big you can’t see your peepee or a booty big enough to buy two airplane tickets, go for it. It’s your body and your life and you should enjoy it to the degree that you want to. Any life you live will require sacrifices, and no one is better than anyone else for making health a top priority. Like Shelby Starnes says, it just makes you a better you.

So after all that, what are you going to do about obesity being a disease? I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. I’m going to keep training. It’s who I am and it’s in my blood. I will never be anything other than this and I don’t want to be. I push myself to improve and I need it to make it through life. If my life and pursuits inspire someone, I’m more than willing to help them. I’ll give them my knowledge and support. I won’t shove my fitness down their throat or beg them to try to live healthier lives. If they go down a different path, good for them. I’m going to stay on mine.

I’m going to spend my time around like-minded individuals not because I dislike people unlike me but because I prefer traveling my path with company. I’m as guilty as anyone of trying to push my passions and beliefs on other people and judging people before I know them. But as I grow, I realize how foolish and useless this is. I wish more than anything that this country wasn’t getting fatter by the minute, but after many years of education, people know what makes them fat. They just do it anyway. So the AMA can make obesity a disease or not. People will still be responsible for making their own decisions just like you and me. What are you going to do?"

Eating clean. Going to bed and not partying all weekend. Doing those little things that will ultimately help you reach your fitness goal will probably annoy your "non healthy lifestyle friends". Remember its your body, you have to live in it. If someone gives you a hard time tell them to have a glass of shut the hell up!!


When a 7' bar doesn't have any bumper plates on it, it is considered naked. Please don't drop a naked bar. It put premature wear on the bearings and can ruin the bar. Also ladies, when you have the women's bar with the small metal 2.5lb or 5lb plates it is still considered "naked". Those metal plates don't shock absorb. Please use common sense. Just because something can be dropped, doesn't mean it HAS to be dropped. I ask that you help please do your part to keep things in working order. Thanks!!

August Days that matter

August 7-13th I will be out of town at my annual lacrosse tournament in Lake Placid, NY. Going to do my best to keep up with the young guys. Joel will be covering and I assume there will be no issue with maintaining normal hours. Stay tuned to FB for any changes if there are any.

August 17th come to the Fit Club summer games to cheer on a couple FTW athletes competing

August 31 Kettlebell Clinic. How to swing without smacking yourself in the booty with the bell, as well as KB juggling 12pm-1pm $10 per person

Jeff has embraced the FTW life style change. He works his booty off when he is here and is really dialing in his nutrition when he isnt here. Down 16lbs in the past few months, Jeff has also PR'd on numerous lifts lately. Down weight and up in strength, thats awesome. Jeff also works and is in Grad School at OSU. Make sure to say "Hey" when you see him next. Thank you Jeff for representing FTW well!!

Yes its true

Tentatively Sept 1st we will be expanding into the unit next door. It will double our floor space!! Please keep telling all your friends and family about FTW!!! Remember the new monthly rate is $75.

July 27, 2013 CrossFit Comp Pics

It was a great day overall. Lots of people and many of them trying their first CrossFit competition ever! From the open division to the scaled division everyone was able to complete every WOD to the best of their abilities. Thank you to everyone that competed, watched, and helped out with the judging. What a great bunch of people we have here! Unfortunately I needed my phone for the timer on the second and third WOD's and didn't get to take more pics. Next time I will have a picture taker person lol. Thanks again for a great successful day

From the Doc......

Whether it is weightlifting, running, athletics, or life in general, the importance of the quality of movement far outweighs the importance of the quantity of movement. Sure you can sit with poor posture/deadlift with a rounded back/ run with poor form and not get hurt, but if you want a life/career/hobby that you can continue to do without pain or injury, doing it properly is essential. For some people, form starts to break down with fatigue. This is where injuries happen. Doing things like allowing the back to round for that last deadlift or arching your back to get that push press are recipes for disaster. Proper form is a learned pattern. No child ever learned to walk without taking one step at a time with the occasional fall. No baseball player hit a home run the first time he/she swung a bat. These are patterned movements practiced and learned over time. Maintaining strict form when lifting will make proper form a patterned movement in your motor cortex (brain). This in turn will continue to reinforce the pattern, making it less likely that your form will break down when you fatigue or are not consciously focusing on it.

Doc Kraft