Road Trip In The USA


How Will We Get To The USA?

We commit ourselves to the dragon head and back. The dragon is fast and big. So people do not touch us. We will think thrilling and excit~! What a great scene! Dragon is hard to domesticate. But we can do it!!
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드래곤 길들이기2 - How To Train Your Dragon 2

What Will We Drive On Our Road Trip?

We ride on the horse back. We look like cowboy. So our trip is a little wild. A horse can be a good friend for us. Horse is alive animal. So we are communication together. We feel same things and see same something with horse.
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War Horse - Official Trailer [HD]

What Music Will We Listen To On Our Road Trip?

Jason Mraz "Lucky"

Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat - Lucky (Video)
Our first song is "Lucky" by Jason Mraz. Our favorite lyric is " I keep you with me in my heart you make me easier when life gets hard". Why do we like the song? This song is love song and duet song. So it is very sweet and soft. When we litsen to this song we can think some a person whom I love.

One Direction "Up All Night"

One Direction - Up All Night - Sydney Concert 13/04/12
Our second song is "Up All Night" by One Direction. Our favorite lyric is "It feel like we have been living in fast foward Another moment passing by the parties ending but it is now or nver Nobody is going home tonight.". Why do you like this song? This song is very dynamic and powerful. When we were highschool students we need energe. Because preparing Korean SAT. Korean SAT is very tired. So when I was tired this song gave me a power. It make me energizer.

Who are we?