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Hello everyone, my name is Tony Huang and I am currently a senior at Brunswick High School. I am taking this class to not only fulfill the requirements of my school's science courses but to also learn more about Biology as a whole. Having taken AP Environmental Science as a junior, I realized that AP Biology will be a next step forward in expanding my knowledge/passion for the natural world. Although I love science, my "favorite" subject in school is actually social studies (history, government, and economics).

I have been the Junior Class President and I am currently serving as my school's Senior Class President. I was the Region 3 Vice President for the Georgia FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) and I have completed my "America Award". I enjoy spending time with my family and getting really creative when designing Homecoming props and decorations.

By taking this course, I hope to make a 5 and to see that my hard work has really paid off! I actually have taken online courses at Georgia Virtual. I am currently reading the novel Peace Like A's pretty good. :D

When it comes to travel, I have only been to two other countries besides the United States. Those two countries include China and Canada. However, being the history fanatic that I am, I would love to tour these following countries:

1. Turkey- Its capital, Istanbul was formerly known as Constantinople, the center of both the Eastern Roman Empire and the Eastern Orthodoxy. Its unique location serves as a cross-road between Eastern and Western civilization. If I go to Turkey, I would love to tour the Hagia Sophia, which was originally built as a Christian Church but later converted into an Islamic mosque.

2. Venice- One of the birth places of the Italian Renaissance, I have always been intrigued by life in Venice. I love the fact that transportation in Venice is done primarily through small boats. Also, the city has a rich history along with amazing food.

3. Rio de Janeiro-How fun would it be to tour coastal Brazil while getting a chance to experience the lush, warm temperature of the tropical rain forest?

4. Spain- Si, yo hablo espanol y estoy estudiando A.P. espanol en mi escuela. I find Spanish to be unique not only due to its practicality but also its culture. If I get the chance to go to Spain, I would love to tour the museums in Madrid, watch bull-fighting, watch a world class soccer game in Barcelona, and to eat Spanish tortillas (which interestingly enough is made of potatos!)

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My aspirations


I hope to be accepted to the University of Pennsylvania Class of 2018! Go Quakers! At UPenn I plan on pursuing a degree that involves government/social work.


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