By:Troy Bolton (Kailan)


. In 2014, there was 4.3 million million people living in Phoenix, Arizona.

. Phoenix was named the 14th largest metropolitan area in the United States of America.

. Phoenix was once ranked 14th around the world in 2010 with a population of 4.19 million people.

. Here are some of the 2012 population numbers and rankings from Arizona and regionally:

Arizona metros, 2012:

  • Phoenix: 4.33M (13th)
  • Tucson: 992.4K (53rd)
  • Prescott: 212.6K (205th)
  • Lake Havasu City/Kingman: 203.3K (213th)
  • Yuma: 200K (216th)
  • Flagstaff: 136K (301st)


. Phoenix gets ATLEAST a minimum of 7 inches of rain per year.

. The United States of America average is 37. Snowfall is 0 inches

. On average, there are about 299 sunny days per year!

. July high is usually around 105 degrees!

. January low is around 35 degrees!


There are many sport teams, you may know some of them but Troy will tell you.

Phoenix Sport Teams: Phoenix Suns, Arizona DiamondBucks and Phoenix RoadRunners!