Al Capone's Life and Death

By: Haley Richards

Capone's Early Years

Al capone was born in January 7, 1899. His parents were Teresina Capone and Gabriel Capone. Al Capone was born in Brooklyn and attended school until the sixth grade where Al Capone got in a fist fight with his teacher. Al Capone was expelled from school at !4 and joined a gang.

Capone's Crimes

Al Capone committed many crimes. One of the worst crimes he is known for is the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Capone invited Moran and his men to a warehouse where he killed Moran's men.

Another crime that Al Committed was tax evasion. Al didn't pay taxes and he was sent to prison on 22 counts of tax evasion.

Prison for Capone

In 1931, Al Capone was arrested for having a concealed weapon and was sent to a state prison. While he was in prison he bribed guards so that he could have a really nice cell and as much freedom as he could in jail.

In 1939 Al was sent to Alcatraz where he couldn't have the freedom to do what he wanted. He stayed there until his syphilis got so bad that he had to go to the hospital.

Illness and Death

Al Capone got out early in 1939 for good behavior after spending his final year in prison in a hospital suffering form syphilis. On January, 25, 1947, Al Capone died from a stroke and heart attack. He was later buried at Mt. Carmel Cemetery.

Capone's Life