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October 29, 2021

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From the Head of School...

Dear Summit Community,

This is such an exciting week. We had a tortoise gender reveal on Wednesday, Friday is our middle school Halloween Dance, and Saturday is our Summit School Preschool Open House and Trunk or Treat. Along with all of those great community events, we are wrapping up our 2021 Fall Fundraiser.

If you have been on campus recently, you likely have noticed some updates to our facility that include bright new signage, fresh paint, and new safety pads on the playground. We will continue to update and brighten our campus as the year goes on. New picnic tables and umbrellas are on the way.

As we make these facility updates, we are also heavily focused on maintaining and improving our academic offerings, resources, and supports. As I mentioned earlier this year, we will be a one-to-one technology school in the fall. In addition, we are updating our classroom technology resources, our use of academic data, our support for struggling and excelling students, and our academic opportunities.

If you have not yet donated to our Fall Fundraiser, and you are willing to offer extra financial support to the amazing things that Summit School has to offer, please donate now. You can scan the QR code above, drop off a payment at school, or click below to donate via PayPal.

Thank you for all you do!


Dr. Stephanie Nardi

Head of School

Ice Cream Friday!

Summit Student Council Presents Ice Cream Friday
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They are girls!

Summit School's tortoises, Chips and Salsa, were the focus of this morning's gender reveal during Morning Meeting. Follow their adventures @chipsandsalsa_tortoise

Follow Chips and Salsa @chipsandsalsa_tortoise

Dadurday Reminder

A reminder that we have a Dadurday planned for Saturday, October 30th from 7am to 11am.

If you can spare a few hours, please join us. We are hoping to assemble some new picnic tables, spread some rubber mulch in the Elementary playground, and repair a few items.

Please bring a water bottle with you and if you have a wheel barrow, metal rake, drill. socket set, and a 1-1/2" inch wrench please bring them with you.

This is a great opportunity for middle school students to get service hours.

See you Saturday!!

Thank you,

Barb Nicholas and Kyle Vanden Bosch

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A National Pumpkin Day Story

A National Pumpkin Day Story
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PS Lemonades and the 8th grade after enjoying a game of tag together on Sports Day

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Middle School Science with Mrs. Harris...

We are studying the states of matter in sixth grade. Today we were talking about the compressibility of gases. The students learned a little bit about air pressure and the unit it is measured in - PSI. We went out to my car and they found the sticker that shows the psi for the front rear and spare tires. Then they learned how to use the tool to measure the air pressure in each of my tires and determine if the tires were even, if one tire needed more air, or if a tire has too much air. Their are extra credit opportunity for tonight is to go home and record the info from a tire sticker and then measure the air pressure of each tire.
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Inviting 4th and 5th Grade Parents...

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Chandler Fashion Center, School Cents program is showcasing our talented Summit School students!

Please visit the Chandler Fashion Mall over the next 2 weeks to see Summit student art on display.

Currently the display is located in the mall next to the Cheesecake Factory.

In about 2 weeks, the remaining Summit student art will be rotated into the display.

While at the mall, please drop off your Chandler Mall receipts in the Summit School drop-box located outside of Barnes and Noble

to help earn extra points and $$$ for Summit!

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COVID-related Absences

Please communicate all COVID-related absences to both and your child's homeroom teacher. The teacher will then reach out to you within 24 hours to set up a plan for your child's academic success during the absence.

A Mask and a Spare

Please be sure that your child has a mask and a spare at school each day. Masks frequently get lost, wet, or damaged. A back-up is a good idea.

Masking at Summit School

Face coverings should be 2-ply masks that cover the mouth and nose, and fit snugly. Any images or messages on masks must be school-appropriate. Masks with exhalation valves, neck gaiters, bandanas, or face shields are not approved, per the CDC and not approved for use at Summit. (Health and Safety Guidelines, p. 4).

Summit Apparel Store

Gear up with back to school apparel! Check out the Summit apparel store for customizable shirts, pants, and accessories with your favorite Summit logos!


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Referral Credits

Our families are Summit’s best advocates and we appreciate when you share your Summit story with family and friends. We ask for your help in continuing to spread the word about Summit School!

In addition to helping create a thriving community of learners, Summit School has temporarily increased the Referral Credit from $500 to $1,000 as a credit toward your tuition liability for each newly enrolled student of a new family. This temporary increased referral credit amount is for new students (not applicable for siblings of current students or for returning students) that enroll between April 12, 2021 and March 11, 2022. Each credit is applied to your FACTS tuition account after the new family makes two tuition payments for the new student(s). During these stated dates there are no limits to the number of referral credits you may earn by supporting our school! Please contact Summit Admissions or Business Office if you have any questions regarding the family referral program.

Note: Referral credits of $600 or more require the completing of a W-9 form claiming the income. Referral credits are not applicable for voting members of the Board of Trustees.

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