Visit Iceland

Iceland is a beautiful country with all kinds of amazing physical featues to explore and find.

This country is full of thousands of things to do but I couldn't jam them all on this page so I picked

five of the most interesting ones.

Things Not To Miss


Askja is a volcano crater, you can slide down the sides and soak in the lukeworm geothermal water. It's a great hike and a great picture spot. Askja is also surrounded by the

Dyngjufjoll mountains.

Lake Myvatn

This is an awesome place to explore, you can whale watch hike around on rock structures or you can even stay at the hotel there.


Here are three hotels in the capital Rekjavik.

1. 101 Hotel price per night = $475

2.Centerhotel Arnarhvoll price pernight = $84

3.Icelandic Hotel price per night = $185


In Iceland you can rent cars get on a bus or ride a plane (mostly to get there)

The main airport is Keflavik International Airport. You can also ride a ferry or horseback!

Fun things to do in Rekjavik

Rekjavik has lots of interesting things to do;It has a ton of hisory and land forms all in 108 sq. miles.Here are three you can do.


Iceland's absolute location is 64*08 N

It's relative location is west of Greenland


(this means goodbye in Icelandic)

Enjoy your trip!