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Counseling Corner: January

Wellness Corner

January is Mental Wellness month, but we should treat all months, weeks, and days as an occasion to take care of our mental health wellness! If coming back to school after the long holiday break has you feeling in a funk and you’re having a hard time adjusting back to all the schoolwork, we encourage you to make an appointment with your counselor so you can discuss any issues you are having with the transition. We are here to help!

Additionally, here are some articles with tips on how to transition back to school after the holidays:

Remember to take care of yourself by making sure you get enough sleep, don’t skip meals, stay active, and reach out to someone you trust and can talk to when you are having struggles!

Upcoming Lunch & Learns

2/11--Gifts of Imperfection (Self Reflection)

2/25--Tips for Success: Life Skills

Sign up for a Lunch & Learn here

Parent Wellness Education Night

2/12--Parenting in Today’s Society with Addiction to Substance Abuse and Technology (presented by ASPIRE)

Parents sign up at this link

Tustin Unified Hosts Parent Information Night Tonight!

The Tustin Unified School District’s Student Services Department is partnering with Hoag ASPIRE to host an information night for school parents on youth wellness and mental health.

Parenting: Using Rewards and Consequences

  • Parents will learn strategies they can utilize when implementing a reward/consequence system for their children.
  • Wednesday, January 15, at 6 p.m. in the multipurpose room at Orchard Hills School, 11555 Culver Drive, Irvine.

AP Exam Sales

  • Teachers have been given rosters for those students who purchased their AP exams and their exams were ordered. Please have your student verify with their teacher they are on their roster.
  • Students who have not purchased their AP exams but are still interested, may register with a late fee until January 31st. Students must register online on Total Registration and pay the $150 late testing fee in full by this date.

College and Career

  • Students interested in enhancing their education may want to consider participating in a summer enrichment program or internship. Check out this link of potential opportunities.
  • Seniors planning to attend community college in the fall of 2020, and need help with the application process, Honors Program, EOPS, Promise program, FAFSA or anything regarding community college can take advantage of the following events happening in Beckman’s career center. Dates will continue to be added throughout the semester.

Irvine Valley College Promise Program

Irvine Valley Promise not only provides financial aid to eligible students, but provides innovative and student-centered supports that make Irvine Valley Promise an exceptional program for your students.

Along with enrollment fees, the program provides:

  1. Designated counseling services (Promise Counselors)
  2. Career development resources, hands-on workshops, and specialized academic support
  3. Bookstore voucher for textbooks and supplies (the current cohort received $950 in total for the academic year)
  4. Payment of Health and Student Government fees

Please read important information below for the steps students must take for eligibility. Funding is not guaranteed and is finite; therefore we recommend students complete their financial aid files and matriculation process as soon as possible. First come, first served.

How do I apply for Irvine Valley Promise?

There is no application. Students who meet the eligibility criteria and complete the steps will be notified if they are eligible.

How do I become initially eligible?
Students must be:

  • First-time college student (no prior college attendance at IVC or any other institution)
  • A California resident or AB540 eligible

Students must complete:

  1. The 2020-21 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) OR the California Dream Act Application (for AB 540 students only) — BY MARCH 2, 2020
  2. The following eligibility steps BY APRIL 17, 2020

Is Second Year funding available?

In accordance with Assembly Bill 19 and Assembly Bill 2, second-year funding is available to eligible students who maintain program requirements.

Do I need to be enrolled in 12 units for the entire year?

Yes, continuous enrollment is required in order to maintain eligibility in accordance with AB19 and AB2

Who do I speak to if I have other questions?

For more information regarding Irvine Valley Promise, please email

Senior Scene

Financial Aid:

  • Fill out & submit your FAFSA. The sooner you do this the better chances at earning state aide, before funds become limited.
  • Apply for scholarships. Spring tends to be the time for local scholarships like the Tustin Area Women's Club or Tustin Area Fine Arts Council. Look in your Naviance account for additional information and check your mytusd email regularly for spring scholarship announcements.
Midyear Reports:
  • Your counselor will send out your Midyear report at the end of January to your Common App schools listed on Naviance for you. Remember, Cal States & UC’s do not need a Midyear report unless the school specifically asks for them. Please email your counselor for any non-Common App schools that are requesting a midyear report.
Finishing Strong:
  • Focus on your 2nd semester classes. No matter how the 1st semester went, the 2nd semester is a fresh start. Colleges love to see continual improvement and if your grades improve the second semester, your chances of getting off a wait list or deferral list are that much better.
  • In case you haven’t heard, there is an epidemic going around that effects seniors; called senioritis. It causes lack of motivation, general laziness and lethargy. Whatever you do, don’t fall victim to senioritis as it can impact your chance to get into the college of your dreams!

Junior Junction

11th Grade Parent Counselor Coffee:

  • Parents, please plan to attend the 11th grade Counselor Coffee on January 16th at 8:00 am in the Commons. We will discuss important reminders, college and career readiness, and course selection for senior year.

12th Grade Course Selection:

  • Juniors will meet one-on-one with their counselor February 21-28 to finalize their course selections for 12th grade.

IVC Dual Enrollment Courses:

  • Students that attend the information sessions will be given priority to enroll in our dual enrollment classes offered on our campus. If they can't make it, they must see Mrs. Tanikawa within one week of the date and she will give them an orientation to then add them to the list of students that attended.
  • If more students than slots are interested we will select by lottery.
  • Information Meeting held during tutorial in the PAC on the following dates:
-Business: 2/18

-Communications 1 & 3: 2/13

-Kinesiology: 2/6

-Dance: 2/11

Practice SAT or ACT Test March 7th:

  • Great opportunity to take a practice exam at a very low price.

  • Proctored exactly like the “real thing”

  • Tickets are $10 outside the student store OR can be purchased online:


  • Sales start on February 11th and February 28th the last day to buy a ticket

Sophomore Stop

10th Grade Registration: Sophomores meet one-on-one with their counselor February 6-18 to finalize their course selections for 11th grade. Students will also complete a 4 year plan in Aeries to guide them through their high school career.

Practice SAT or ACT Test March 7th:

  • Great opportunity to take a practice exam at a very low price.

  • Proctored exactly like the “real thing”

  • Tickets are $10 outside the student store OR can be purchased online:


  • Sales start on February 11th and February 28th the last day to buy a ticket

Freshman Forum

9th Grade Registration:

  • Welcome back from break and Happy New Year. To start off the new year, freshmen students will register for their 10th grade classes January 27th - February 4th. They must have their 10th grade course selections finalized in their Aeries 4 year plan by January 23rd. There are short video tutorials on how to choose 10th grade courses and input them in Aeries 4 year plannner on the 9th grade Haiku page.
  • To prepare, students attended an informational meeting with their English class yesterday and were given a 10th grade course selection sheet. Please be sure to review your student's selections and sign accordingly. Following the meeting, students will meet one-on-one with their 10th grade counselor to finalize the appropriate schedule.
  • During this registration process students also explore their interests by completing the Naviance Career Cluster Finder. At the end of the exploration activity students save three careers of interest to their Naviance account.
Practice SAT or ACT Test March 7th:
  • Great opportunity to take a practice exam at a very low price.

  • Proctored exactly like the “real thing”

  • Tickets are $10 outside the student store OR can be purchased online:


  • Sales start on February 11th and February 28th the last day to buy a ticket

Upcoming Dates

Student Dates:

1/21: Tips for Success Goal Setting Lunch & Learn

1/31: Last day to request to purchase AP exams

1/31: Last day to make 2nd sem schedule changes

2/11: Gifts of Imperfection Self Reflection Lunch & Learn

Parent Dates:

1/15: Parenting Using Rewards & Consequences at Orchard Hills, 6 pm

1/16: Junior Counselor Coffee in BHS Commons, 8 am

1/17: Senior Counselor Coffee in BHS Commons, 8 am

Counseling Haiku Pages

Need immediate information related to academics or college & career?

Check out our grade-level Haiku pages or the Beckman Counseling page linked below.