Popcorn Maker

by Oswaldo, Trenton, Avery

The Popcorn Maker

The Popcorn maker is a machine you use to make popcorn and but most people use microwaves to make popcorn. The popcorn maker was make in the 15th century by Native Americans, and the Americans were the first people to sell it in the 19th century, and was later founded in Charles D. Cretors. Also you can make popcorn, and potato in the popcorn maker.

Pop Corn Machine

Pop Corn Recipe

Ingredients Pots

-Vegetable Oil -Camel (Optional) -Popcorn bowl

-Pop Corn -Butter -Pot

-Salt -Suger (Optional) -


1- Put the popcorn in the popcorn maker with oil and butter is optional now or later, and the same for the salt.

2- Take popcorn out of the popcorn maker and you can put more butter on it (optional).

3- Put the Popcorn in bowl and eat it.