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A Perfectly Good Plane and Conquering Fear

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Good Morning Patriots,

I hope you all had a wonderful four-day weekend, and are coming back ready for the long stretch until Spring Break. I writing to you this morning from the Dallas Fort Worth Airport, heading home after finally getting to use the gift that was given to me for my 40th birthday, almost 3 years ago.

Most of you know there is a Mr. Summers in my life, but there is a little-known fact about him that you may or may not be familiar with: in our family, Mr. Summers is famous for giving gifts and experiences that he would never in a million years engage in, but will often, despite strong protest, give what some might call bucket list experiences to others to enjoy.

Two years ago, Mr. Summers got online to find a Skydiving company in Dallas, Texas where our best friends live, and purchased two skydiving tickets: one for myself and one for his best friend. He then proceeded to get online and watch all of the safety and "there is a real chance you could die" warning videos, and with the click of a button, FORGED, yes your read that right, FORGED our signatures saying that we understood and willingly accepted the risk of throwing ourselves out of a perfectly well-constructed airplane. He then booked airline tickets to Dallas, fully prepared to drop us off at the tiny airport hanger, and wish us the best of luck on our surprise of being given the opportunity of jumping out of a well-used, but completely acceptable four-person plane.

As luck would have it, the morning of the jump, the winds in Dallas had picked up and were blowing people over a mile off course of the landing spot, which meant they were going to be forced to cancel the jump that day. As you can imagine, my rule-following eighty-year-old grandma soul was elated with the change of events.

Fast forward to another planned trip to Dallas and a rescheduled jump later, we ran into the snag of this little hiccup known as a global pandemic. Yet again the jump and trip were forced to be canceled. Again...I was "devastated" (please insert a healthy dose of sarcasm here). Now I believe at this point, a reasonable and rational person would say: I think the universe is trying to tell you that perhaps jumping out of a plane is not advised, and it would be best to take these gentle hints and replace the experience with something more reasonable like RV camping trip with full hook-ups, or even a little competition crocheting.

Unfortunately, Mr. Summers was neither rational nor reasonable when it came to getting his opportunity to make sure that his friend and I did not miss out on any part of plunging over 10,000 feet with nothing but a giant fancy colored fitted sheet to possibly, yes POSSIBLY slow the fall. Like it or not, this jump was going to happen.

Fast-forward again to the morning of February 18th. I found myself back in Dallas, this time sitting in a tiny airplane hanger, listening intently to the myriad of instructions while having a snuggly fit harness attached to my 5'2" frame. After reviewing all of the instructions, and with no time or clear path to make a run for it, we said our goodbyes and climbed aboard for flight. The time it took to get the flight off the ground and climb 10,000 feet was surprisingly brisk and left little-to-no time to try to make peace with all of the things you have done wrong in your life like why I waited so long to try pineapple or go back to college until after I had four kids.

Then in the blink of an eye, the plane door was opened, and before you even have time to really think about what you are about to do, you are falling and the loose skin on your aging face is flapping like a chicken trying to participate in a hip hop dance class having little-to-no rhythm, and poor eye-wing coordination. You lose your breath for a few seconds trying to get yourself acquainted with how to maneuver your arms and legs without whacking the kind (and seemingly unphased) person that is strapped to your back.

After that, there is nothing but floating and a quick realization that you have no control over anything, so you might as well just be in the moment. Your mind is clear, and what was once fear is now replaced with calm and an indescribable quiet. Then, as rapidly as the fall started, the parachute releases, and you experience the opportunity of seeing the world around you from a completely unique and once-in-a-lifetime perspective. It is breathtaking, invigorating, and a perfect reminder of how most of the time, just past fear, is where the good stuff in life hides.

I am happy to report that besides a possible tailbone injury, pushing past the fear was 110% worth it.

How many of us have hit the pause button before we even try something new when fear or self-doubt show up?

How many times have we not tried something new, or gone after a dream due to the belief that we are not capable or deserving of what we want?

How many of us have quit because we didn't achieve our goals the first time, second or fifty-third time?

Have you ever felt like this when trying to pass a math test, try out to be a part of a team, or even take that giant and an often awkward leap of attempting to make a new friend?

Here is my challenge to you Patriots...TAKE THE LEAP!!!

If you want something, don't quit when it gets hard.

Don't when it gets scary.

Don't quit when you fail.

Don't EVER count yourself out of the running before you even try.

You, my dear Patriots, are far stronger and more capable than you might believe.

If your oldish Principal can jump out of a plane, then there is absolutely nothing you can not do!!!

I can not wait to see you tomorrow and hear all about your plans to kick fear to the curb and get on your way to the next great thing!!!

As Always Patriots...

You are loved!

Mrs. Summers

Mrs. Turley

Mr. Hawkins

2-22-22 Day

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Join Us On Our Mission To Keep Reading Scores Moving Up

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NAEP testing is being held on Wednesday, February 23. Students who are involved will receive an appointment card tomorrow at school.

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Told us your student wasn’t returning to attend PH for 22-23, but your plans have changed and now you want your student to return to PH instead?

Told us your student was returning to attend PH for 22-23, but your plans have changed and now your student will not be returning to PH?

If either of these applies to you anytime between now and the 22-23 school year starting, then you need to inform us of the change of enrollment plans by completing the proper form below.

Did your 22-23 enrollment plans change for a current PH student who will be in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th grade for the 22-23 school year? Click here to complete the Elementary Enrollment Intent Google Form to let us know of the change of plans.

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LAST WEEK To Vote On Which Socks Get Added To The PBIS Store!!!

Hey Patriots,

We have a great opportunity to add some custom PHJH socks to the PBIS student store.

We would like YOU to pick which ones get put in the store. Please complete the form below with your vote for the top three.

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CODE TASK Act of Kindness (Not a word this week...Read directions below.)

Due To The COVID Closure We Had To Move The Dance To March 11th From 6:00-8:00

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Hey 6th Graders...Get Excited, It Is Time To Get Your 7th Grade Vaccinations

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A Wise Word From Our Amazing Nurse Mrs. Ponce


This is just a friendly reminder that your 6th-grade students will need to receive some updated immunizations prior to entering the 7th grade. So as you are making your way to their well-child checks with their doctors, just be aware they will need 2 or 3 immunizations. They will need a dose of Tdap (tetanus-diptheria-pertussis), and Meningococcal. And if they haven't already received it, they'll need a 2nd dose of Varicella (chickenpox). They will not be able to attend classes next year until their immunizations are updated. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks so much

Please Check Out This Information on Upcoming NAEP 2022 Testing

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