OverDrive for All RILINK Members

Special Presentation for District Leaders

An Invitation for December 8

RILINK is planning to move its member schools to OverDrive for eBooks in the Fall of 2021. Please join RILINK Staff and Devin Kelley, OverDrive Account Executive, on December 8 in a half hour Zoom session to learn more about how this move to Sora and OverDrive benefits student success.

Get Started With Sora and OverDrive

Learn how easy it is to get started with Sora, the student reading app!

Devin will show you the benefits of Sora and OverDrive services as well as how it promotes the development of digital literacy and helps keep your libraries open and accessible to your students. There are a multitude of ways Sora assists in reaching your students through curriculum tools and support as well as access to public library resources.

Click on one of the links below to join either the morning or afternoon session on December 8th to learn how to get started with Sora at low or no cost to your district or school. You will receive an email reminder with Zoom login instructions from RILINK when you sign up, and we will invite your librarians to the session as well.