Please Stop Laughing at Me

By Zane Risser


Jodee is transferring to a new school because she was getting bullied at her old schools. The first day of school she is already getting bullied. Eventually she starts to make some friends at school and around her neighborhood. But she still got bullied everyday at school. She got to a point where she stopped eating and caring about anything. When she made a friend named Annie, the bulling went down a lot and she was starting to feel better. In the last day of school she asked a boy she had a crush on to sign her year book. And so he did, but when she looked at it he said," No one likes you." After twenty years she gets invited to her high school reunion. She decides to go, but when she gets there she won't get out of the car. She eventually went inside and is greeted by everyone very nicely and then gets invited to go get a drink.

Character Analysis

Jodee is the main character, she is very insecure and depressed. She tries to hide and run from the bullies. But after 20 years she goes to her high school reunion and has a lot of fun.


The conflict is all through school Jodee gets bullied in every way possible. And the resolution is after 20 years Jodee gets invited to a high school reunion and everyone is nice to her. Then she gets invited to go get a drink.


I think the theme is don't bully people because it can have a major effect on them. And it can hurt them for the rest of their life.

Textual Evidence

""Jodee,I know your scared that you won't fit in at Samuels, but this time it's going to be different.""

  • This is my favorite quote because it shows that bulling hurts people.

Book Review

I would give my book a 4 star rating. Because it shows the pain she went through getting bullied. And it was wrote very well, with ups and downs. It had conflict all through the book and it wasn't to long but it wasn't to short.
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