Win a tablet on Halloween!

COMPETITION: Create a digital presentation in groups.

Halloween Competition at NETWORK Idiomas

All courses (English and Portuguese) can take part. Ask for teacher for information!


For the team members of each intra-course competition: medals

For the winning team for each level: a trophy

A tablet will be raffled among all the students who belong to the winning teams for each level (trophy winners only)

Another tablet will be raffled among the teachers of the trophy winning teams (category winners).


  • Seniors 1, Playschool and Juniors: Digital presentation containing pupils' drawings and audio recording.
  • Seniors 2 and Beginners: Digital video on Halloween Costume Parade with oral narration or on Monsters' Routines.
  • Seniors 3 / Elementary/ Adults Elementary 2: Create a digital horror story.
  • Post Elementary, Pre Intermediate, Adults Ele 4, Adults Int 2: Digital presentation on Halloween Games.
  • Intermediate / Upper 1, Adults Int 4: Digital presentation on the history of Halloween
  • Upper 2 / FCE / Advanced Conversation: Digital horror story.
  • Portugués 1 y 2: Presentación digital en portugués sobre Halloween o sobre tradiciones brasileñas.