Feltron Four

Things I enjoy doing in my free time By: Meredith Todd

How many sheets of homework I did

The second week I had the most homework. Social Studies and Science are the two subjects I have the most homework in.
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Minutes I spend doing volleyball

In my graph I had one really long tournament in week 3 so in week one I had 432 minutes, week 2 I did 360 minutes, week 3 I had 4,100 minutes, and in week 4 I had 312.
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Minutes I spend jumping on the trampoline

Another thing I like to do in my free time is jumping on the trampoline. When I don't have any work to do I usually go outside. I either jump on the trampoline or I play volleyball.

Peices of candy I eat

Some of the candy I eat are jolly ranchers, laffy taffy, and gobstoppers. Throughout the weeks I ate a total of 63 peices.

Here is another graph that shows the kinds of candy and how much I have eaten

The blue is Laffy Taffy, the orange is skittles, the yellow is gobstopper, and the green is jolly rancher.