Office Lighting

Maximise Daylight in your office

Maximising Natural Light in the office environment

When considering designing or refurbishing your office it is important to consider your lighting requirements. Having access to good artificial lighting or daylight is known to increase productivity. When employees work in bad lighting conditions, this can lead to eyestrain, headaches and general irritability. Particularly dark spaces can have a pronounced psychological effect and depress the brain. Employees should have access to their own lighting so that they can make the necessary lighting adjustments depending on the task they are carrying out. Well-designed artificial lighting will increase functionality, however, there is no comparison to natural daylight, and this should be maximized wherever possible through sustainable office design. Windows provide a connection to the outside world and should be used whenever the building design allows for it. Open plan layouts that employ low workstation screens or glass partitions, can maximize the entry of natural light into the office.
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