T. Berry Brazelton

Child Development Theorists Project

Background/Biographical information of theorist

He was born in Waco, Tx on May 10, 1918.

Brazelton had a large extended family in Texas. His daughter Kitty Brazelton is a music composer and professor at Bennington College. He also had grandchildren William Battle Sutcliff and Adelaide Sutcliff.

His interest in Child Development led to training in Child Psychiatry at MGH and the James Jackson Putnam Children's Center.

Theory/Stages Explanation

children's Pediatrician is the type of theory.

D. T berry brazelton - ( left ) has been working with parents and children since the late 1940's

Touch points is method for strengthening parent - child relationship, continuing through the early childhood years. raising an infant is challenging and for new parents, it can be a time of great anxiety and emotions

Real Life Examples of the Theory

What was his theory?

  • Examined the developmental sports that characterize early childhood.

  • Produced a series of books.

  • Innovative pediatric approaches that has changed the way society regards caring for children.

The concept of "touchpoints" is a theory of the forces for change that drive a child's development. Though they may be expressed differently in different cultures, touchpoints are universal. This is because they are for the most part driven by the predictable sequences of early brain development, especially in the first three years of life, the focus of this book.