Welcome to Grade 3!

September Newsletter

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Welcome back third graders! We are so excited to have you all back and AT SCHOOL! We are looking forward to getting to know you and your families this year. This newsletter will be your back to school guide with helpful notes, tips and resources to start you off this school year!

School Rules & Expectations

  • masks must be worn inside of the building
  • masks are not required when outside
  • must practice social distancing - seats will be arranged 3 feet apart
  • due to covid-19, no visitors are permitted in the building
  • 30% of consenting faculty & students will be subject to random weekly testing
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Arrival & Dismissal

Daily attendance is expected. If your child is sick, please keep them home. If your child comes to school sick, or becomes sick while at school, please know that they will be sent to our clinic and you may be asked to come get them. It’s always nice to have a back-up helper to assist like a neighbor, aunt, grandparent, etc.in case you are at work.

In addition, we ask that your child arrive on time for school if you are dropping them off. Doors open at 9:00A.M. and breakfast ends at 9:30. Students who arrive after 9:30 will not be served breakfast. If you know that your child will be late, please feed them at home first so they are not hungry.

Doors open for dismissal at 3:30. Please be on time picking your child up. If your child rides the bus and you send a note saying you will pick them up for an appointment, you must be here at 3:35 before their bus arrives. If you are not here by the time your child’s bus is called, it is our school policy that they must be put on their bus.

School / Home Connections

We will be using ClassDojo again this school year for our communication tool. Please make sure you have the app downloaded to your personal device, so that you can be in the loop. We will be sending home updates throughout the day on class story, send messages and upload pictures and videos of your learner and their work to their portfolios.

Points earned through ClassDojo will be used for our school Bee Store, where learners can redeem their points for prizes as part of our positive behavior intervention system in our school.

Our Curriculum

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