Transition and Special Education

What is Transition?

Transition happens many times in your child’s life. It happens any time your child moves from one stage of life to the next. When it comes to the IEP, however, “transition” addresses a specific life stage and puts a plan in place for how your child will make that move. Transition in the IEP helps your child move from public school to post graduation and adult life.

  • What will your child do after high school?
  • Will your child work?
  • Will your child attend college, vocational school, or some other post-secondary training?
  • What supports will your child need?
  • Who will provide the supports?

Whether your child is in pre-school, junior high, or high school, it is neither too early nor too late to think about life after high school. We know that thinking about the future can be scary, but the outcomes when you don’t think about it are far more frightening!

Texas Transition Student-Centered Transitions Network

Activities at Home to Support Student Transition

Lindale ISD 18+ Parent Handbook

Contact our District Transition Specialist with any transition related questions.

Casey Wynne, Transition Specialist, Lindale ISD