Theodore Boone the abduction

Author: John Grisham By: Ally Hencke

Summary Paragraph

This Paragraph sums up this whole story all the way to the climax.


The theme in this story is to never give up and believe because good things can happen. This is the theme because when Theo thought that April might be dead, he still kept looking for clues to see if it was really true. Theo continued to look on every internet page of April's dad's band to see if he might have taken her. When Theodore was looking threw the posts he thought he saw April.


Theodore Boone's thoughts, words, and actions are very different from each other. He had feelings of embarrassment when he thought that Aprils broadcast of her being alive might not air and he had told everyone to watch. He thought that he didn't want to tell the police that April had told him she was scared because nobody was home with her. Theo's physical appearance isn't athletic because he doesn't like sports and he goes to the court office before and after school because his parents work there.

1st Person Point of View

I huddled up like a turtle and thought to myself how crazy I would look if the broadcast didn't play. I thought to myself, April told me not to tell anyone that she was scared so I won't tell anyone. April has gone missing and I'm really scared. My parents told me they would help me even though they are also scared for April too. These are some examples of 1st person point of view with Theodore being the narrator on his thoughts.

Figurative Language

Simile- I was as crazy as a five-year old with sugar.

Metaphor- I was quieter than a mouse.

Personification- The flyers shouted for help as the wind was flushing them away.

Sensory Language- My friends could smell my nervousness.

Imagery- frowning even harder, swallowed hard, clenched fists, closed eyes tightly


This Dialogue helps support the setting of the story of the Courthouse by having the interview with Jack Leeper. It also helps you get to know who Detective Chapsaw and Slatter are. You also get to know Jack Leeper, who commits lots of felonies.


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