Have courage and make friends

By. Dillon Hales

Analysis of the Development of theme

Freak has a disease and knows he is going to die. He befriends Max. Max's dad is in prison so Max lives wirth his grandparents. Freak is crippled so he rides on Max's shoulders.

Max has no friends so he wants Freak as a friend. Freak Knows that he is going to die so he tries to live his life to the fullest. On page 149 Freak says "I am not coming home not in my current manifestation". On page 150 "I'm scared" says Max "Don't be a moron " says freak

Reflection and application o f theme

I think it is a good theme. I agree with it. I think the theme was well developed. It has good meaning. It can be applied to anything. It went along with the book. I t still applies to current time. we need to have friends.
Max is big and strong. He thinks he is stupid. Freak is a little scrawny smart kid. He is crippled so he has leg braces. Freak moves into the house next to max's house.At first they ignore each other. After a few days they become friends. Together they are Freak The Mighty.