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May 10, 2019

ESC-20 Family Engagement Updates

It's so hard to believe it's May and we are nearing the end of this school year! I know the end of the school year can be a busy time as you wrap up school year business and start planning for the next year!

I am in that mode here at ESC-20 and want to share a few updates.

1. There will NOT be an ESC-20 Family & Community Engagement Symposium during the 2019-2020 school year. Why?

  • ESC-20 parent trainings and webinars have more parents & families/community members participating in these weekly sessions. My focus will continue to make these robust and centered on hot topics to support families and their involvement in their child's education.
  • While many of you supported the 1 Day conference, I will continue to encourage you to consider supporting parents in a different way by making plans to attend ESC-20 trainings and/or webinars year round. Can you help provide transportation and bring the parents on a field trip? Can you host parents on your campus and participate via webinar?
  • The 2019-2020 Parent Training & Webinar Catalog will be available July 2019!
  • Our Bilingual/lELL department will be sponsoring a parent conference as a part of their World Language Conference in November, so more information coming soon on that!
  • The TAPPestry Conference (for parents/families/caregivers/professionals that have or work with children with special needs) will be on Saturday, February 15, 2020.

2. I am shifting my focus on efforts to provide more direct district/campus support on methods to build stronger parent-school partnerships.

  • My Family Engagement professional development trainings will be published and shared soon so you can make plans to participate during the 2019-2020 school year.
  • Topics include: Title I School-Parent Compacts & PFE Policies, Foundations of Family Engagement, Family Engagement Link to Student Learning, Academic Parent Teacher Teams, Family Engagement Customer Service and Partnering with Parents: Effective Communication.
  • Did you know I can go out to campuses and provide family engagement professional development? I can and will!
  • Parent training topics that are applicable for professional staff to attend to learn better ways of engaging families with supporting learning in the home include specific math and reading sessions that are make and takes, a science session is being added this year, early childhood and STEM specific sessions. Be on the lookout for these parent sessions that can also teach professionals skills to take back and implement with their own families.

3. This summer I am going through some Family Engagement coaching sessions that will train me on how to help guide districts on implementing the U.S. Department of Education's Dual Capacity Building Framework for Family-School partnerships.

I will be partnering with Scholastic's Family and Community Engagement department and selecting 3 districts within Region 20 to participate in a year long Family Engagement initiative.

    Effective family-school partnerships are the key to building the capacity of all families. Highlights of this initiative include:
    • nurturing home-partnerships by helping ESC-20 schools: (1) assess their current efforts; (2) strengthen the foundation on which they are building home-school partnerships; (3) enhance the capacity of educators and families to work together to support student learning; and (4) transform partnership practices.

    There will be an application and a rubric developed for selection of the 3 districts to participate in this initiative. I am in the process right now of developing this and will release it to you as soon as I can.

    I wanted to share the initial plans so you can start thinking about the possibility of your district's involvement. MORE TO COME within the next 2-3 weeks!

    I always want to hear from you and value your ideas and feedback. I am excited about what's coming ahead in Family Engagement and look forward to my continued support for you and the work you do.

    I would greatly appreciate you taking the time to complete the ESC-20 Family Engagment Survey. This is a yearly survey I send out to hear back from you and help me direct the work I do in ensuring I am meeting campus/district needs around Family Engagement. Thank you!

    ESC-20 Family Engagement Feedback Survey

    ESC-20 Family Engagement Feedback Survey

    I'd appreciate your feedback and taking the time to complete the ESC-20 Family Engagement Survey. Thank you!

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    Parent Leadership Academy Graduation

    The 7th cohort of the Parent Leadership Academy graduated 22 participants who completed the program and 2 participants who started and will complete the program in Fall 2019.

    Parents represented the following districts/charters: SAISD, SouthSan ISD, Kenedy ISD, Northside ISD, Edgewood ISD, Boerne ISD, East Central ISD, Great Hearts, and Southwest ISD.

    We are so proud of these parents and the commitment they've made to be lifelong learners and leaders in their child's school, community, and most importantly, their home.

    The Fall 2019 information packets and application will be available in the upcoming weeks!

    NEISD Brings Parents to an ESC-20 Training!

    Martha Diaz, Family Specialist at Driscoll Middle School in NEISD brought a group of parents to attend the "College Knowledge for Parents" training session led by UTSA's Institute for P-20 Initiatives.

    Thank you Martha! I observed this group making strong connections with each other and learning valuable information to help support their children and their future plans.

    Something to think about: Start making plans now for 2019-2020 school year to invite parents to participate in the free ESC-20 parent trainings. Bring them on a field trip OR host them on your campus to participate via webinar.

    Shifting the Dynamics Between Schools and Families in San Antonio

    Click HERE to read a story that highlights the work Lizet Casas with SAISD has been doing utilizing the Right Question Institute's School-Family Partnership Strategy!

    To learn more about the Right Question Institute, click HERE.

    The Parent & Family Engagement CONNECTION Newsletter

    The Fourth Quarter issue of the newsletter includes the following articles: Summer Meal Programs, College Checklists, Summer Activities, Summer Safety Tips, Strategies to Prevent Summer Learning Loss, and Parenting Advice.

    You may…

    • print the newsletter
    • place the link on your school website
    • forward the link to your families
    • place the link on your Facebook and social media accounts
    You must use the newsletter in its entirety due to copyright restrictions. But, you may attach additional information to the newsletter from your own district and/or school

    Read it HERE.

    Click HERE for Spanish and Vietnamese versions. Korean and German available soon.

    Save the Date & Make Plans to Attend!

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    2019 Statewide Parental Involvement Conference

    The 15th annual Statewide Parental Involvement Conference, Stronger Together, will convene…

    Wanting to uplift your parent and family engagement program? Don’t pass up this opportunity.

    A practical preconference session. 3 motivational keynote speakers. 45 breakout sessions with strategies you can implement at your school. 25 exhibitors with valuable resources.

    When home, school, and community work in concert they are stronger together and the opportunity for student success increases.

    We have an advantage with the conference being held in San Marcos! This year we'd like to see more CAMPUS PRINCIPALS and ADMINISTRATORS attend the conference! If you attended the ACET Conference, you heard the strong emphasis on Parent and Family Engagement from Cory Green. Urge your administrators to plan ahead to attend this conference!

    Click the Image Above to Read the Parent Coordination Shout Out!

    The Parent Coordination Network is committed to ensuring that parents of students with disabilities receive accurate and timely information to assist in making informed choices in their children's education.

    How are you Supporting Families to Help Their Children Avoid Summer Learning Loss?

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    Share the ESC-20 Parent Guides & Online Resources!

    Summer Learning Parent Guides

    Download the flyer below to print out and share with your families about the Free Summer Learning Activities and Resources.

    Help Your Families Understand the STAAR Report Cards

    Understanding the STAAR Report Card

    TEA has made this great resource available for families! BUT not all of our families know about this resource and how it can really help them understand how their child performed, the progress they made as well as the areas that are still a work in progress. Empower your families to learn more by sharing this resource with them!

    This parent portal provides parents with quick access to their student’s STAAR results, year-over-year growth information, individual student responses to actual test items, and even details like the student expectations covered by the items and wrong answer rationales.

    Parents can access their child’s results using a unique access code, which can be found at the bottom of their child’s STAAR Report Card. Parents can also view the assessment questions, their child’s answers to the questions, and correct answers and rationales. Additionally, parents can view their child’s performance relative to the campus, district, and state.

    Click the link below to understand the STAAR report card!


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    WEBINAR: Home Visits: A Powerful Way to Engage Families

    Date: Wednesday, May 15th

    Time: 1:00 p.m.

    Topics will include:
    - Why Home Visits are Important to Family Engagement
    - What a Home Visit Should Encompass
    - How to Get Started and Get People On-board
    - Key Insights to Making Home Visits Successful

    Register HERE.

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    English Learner Family Toolkit

    The English Learner Family Toolkit was created to help families choose education services that meet their child’s needs. U.S. educators, elementary and secondary school teachers, principals, and other school staff can also share the toolkit as a resource for English learners and their families.

    The English Learner Family Toolkit consists of 6 chapters, and each chapter contains 5 sections - an overview, family and student rights, questions to ask schools, tips, and resources.

    Check it out HERE.

    What We Learned About Family Engagement in High School

    This is an insightful read from The Flamboyan Foundation.

    At Flamboyan, we understand what a critical time high school is on the road to a fulfilling life for students. That is why, over the past five years, we have spent time listening and learning about what families and students need to ensure success in high school. We piloted family engagement programs in six high schools and one community college and interviewed many families, students, educators, and nonprofits along the way.

    What we learned, on the one hand, confirmed what we know to be true about creating a school culture that supports family engagement from our years of partnering with elementary schools. On the other hand, we saw that requirements to keep families engaged evolved as students mature and school structure shifts. Read more about our five insights into driving effective family engagement at the high school level.

    1. Relationships between students, families, and educators matter

    2. Families continue to play 5 essential roles to support student success

    3. Over time, these roles shift to students

    4. There are unique barriers to effective family engagement in high school

    5. High schools need to provide structures that support family engagement

    Read more HERE.

    Relationships Between Students, Families, and Educators Still Matter

    Another great article from The Flamboyan Foundation.

    We learned that there were certain ways educators showed up that really deepened their bonds with parents and students.

    Building Relationships with Students

    • Be consistent – Making themselves available to students and keeping in touch with students’ families yielded opportunities for students to share about their personal lives and build trust.
    • Give praise – Praising students for their performance, including recognition for growth or character.
    • Give emotional support – Checking in with students regularly, acknowledging how students feel, and supporting them where they are.
    • Value students as authentic individuals – Intentionally learning about each student as an individual led to students feeling seen, safe and like they belonged.

    Building Relationships with Families

    • Show genuine care – Observing educators demonstrating care for their students led to families being more open to communication.
    • Get family input – Prioritizing family input on school events made the events more relevant and tailored to the students’ and families’ backgrounds, personalities, and learning styles.
    • Remember consistency, collaboration, communication – Communicating and collaborating regularly with families created a community of support for students.

    The lesson here is that even though students are getting older and becoming more independent, relationships still matter. They always will.

    Read the full article HERE.

    If you haven't already, check out this week's Parent Perusals!

    Only 3 Parent Trainings & Webinars Remain this School Year!

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