Harvey Updates

September 1, 2017

Please read to the very bottom and click on the link for the microsoft form with some important questions

District News/Info

I assume most of you have heard the news about students returning on Sept. 11th. Teachers will return on Thursday and Friday-Sept. 7th and 8th. We will use the time on the 7th and 8th to look at the changes in the scope and sequence of the curriculum and discuss the transition back for our students. At this moment, our calendar will not change. We will keep our early release and professional development days.

The district is expecting displaced students from all over the state and will have a plan in place by next Monday to support these students.

All support staff will be paid for the days we have missed due to the storm. Starting next Thursday(9/7), you will be able to use your discretionary days if you are unable to return to work. Please be sure to fill out the Microsoft form below to let me know that you will not be able to return.

Most campus fared well expect for Brookside Intermediate. They had about 4 inches inside the school. Teachers are there today packing up what is salvagable. Stewart, Goforth and LCI had some minor flooding. OVerall the district was pretty fortunate.

I will keep you posted as more information becomes available.

Staff Needs

A big thanks to all of you who have reached out and helped our staff members whose houses flooded! I know they are very grateful for all the help and support. This will be a long road for them and I know we will help them however we can!

Student Needs

I have only heard from about 140 parents from the form I sent out earlier this week. Most of the families who replied were doing okay. Our hardest hit area was Green Oaks and possibly College Place. The whole first floor of Green Oaks was flooded and the families have until the 15th to move out. Suzi stopped by there today and said it was a mess. If you have any specific information about students, please let me know.


If you know of anyone in need, please send them to the McWhirter gym. There are plenty of supplies waiting to be donated.

Michele Staley from Clear Brook said that there are lots of students out working in the hard hit neighborhoods. She said a great idea to support this work is to bring snacks, ice chests with drinks into these neighborhoods and share with the workers

Wedgewood-which is in our Pre-K-12 community was hard hit. THe principal is trying to set up childcare for Wedgewood students so that parents can get work done. She said her staff was hit hard and would not be able to man it so Ward and NPE offered. More info to come....

They are also providing meals to Title 1 students at McWhirter, League City and Landolt. Wedgewood's principal was worried that her students wouldn't be able to make it to Landolt so they may need some volunteers to help deliver meals to those hard hit neighborhoods. We will keep you posted.

NPE Community Outreach

We are going to steal Falcon Pass' idea from this week. They had a Brain Break from Harvey. THey met at a park for some fun away from home. We are thinking of doing this on Wednesday(since the cool front will have arrived) from 9-11. We are hoping to do one at North Fork park and one at College Place(still checking to see if they have a park) We thought about doing this at Green Oaks but they are not in good shape. We are thinking of making some goodie bags with snacks, bubbles, etc. that we could pass out from the apartment complex office. We still need to check with the apartment and make sure this is okay. If you are interested in helping with this, please make sure to answer the questions in the attached survey form. Also, if you are out and about, maybe you can pick up some goodies that we can give the students. Once we finalize details, we will let you know them!