Jamie's Dream Rockin Frontline

September Newsletter

Welcome to our 1st newsletter!!

I want to tell you how thankful I am to be your mentor. You girls are truly amazing the way you are going out there Being a Force for Good and inspiring women everyday! We are blessed to be a part of the fastest growing direct sales company ever!

My Story

I wanted to take a minute to share my story and tell you about me and my background. Jennifer Linton aka my sister posted on Facebook about this company she joined February 2012. I clicked on the link and immediately fell in love with the idea of these living lockets and booked a party off her. My husband who had been laid off for a year and a half was called back to aircraft in July 2011 and I decided that August was the end for me of working at the Post Office! I thought about it a couple days and decided that I could sell this! I am quiet, do not like to be in front of any crowd what so ever and am definitely not someone to sell anything. So I signed up and I received my kit the day of my party, so I was able to make my party, my launch party. I have always wanted to stay home for my girls (now 4 and 7) and with the amazing journey of Origami Owl, it is now possible.

Weekly Schedule

This weekend in KC at training we learned a lot about Time Management! Ms. Lynsey Jones with Party Planning Divas is fantastic! I have been blessed to be a Leader of over 200 people and never really knew what to do and where to go. Training after training after training, I found the one that I have something to guide me in my business. That is why I always preach, you can never have enough training!

Here is a Weekly Schedule to help you in managing your business:

Money Monday: This is the day of the week to take care of all those things that make you money. You are going to go do deposits and place your orders from the weekend.

Team Tuesday: Contact your girls and find out how their business is doing.

Work together Wednesday: Contact your hostess' and chat with them about how their party is going, if you can help them answer questions, set up the next time you will contact them.

Thankful Thursday: Send out your Thank you's to customers and hostess'

Fun day Friday: Today you will spend gearing up for those parties you have coming up over the next week. Put together your lapboards and hostess folders.

Sensational Saturday: You should have spent all week taking care of your business so even though you have that jewelry bar to go do, you should not be spending your Saturday morning preparing. You can still go out and hang with your family on your Saturday!

Slowdown Sunday: You have spent the weekend workin Jewelry Bars, take a Sunday evening and enjoy your family and the beautiful weather!