DeRay Mckessons

DeRay Mckesson, American Civil Rights Activist

DeRay McKesson has won 1 award and 6 honors, which include a Peter Jennings Award.

Special Treatment

DeRay McKesson is one of many people who have won a Nobel Peace Prize. But what makes him so special, is that he has traveled the world making peace with many different people. Also in Africa, DeRay McKesson is known as "famous". So when he got to America, he thought that he should've gotten special treatment because he was known as royal or famous because of his special talents. DeRay McKesson has always been a talented man and has made it very far in this country. He has helped many people. He has had problems when he was in the "hood". He was commonly mistaken for a drug dealer because he had a similar facial structure as the most wanted drug dealer in the West Coast. He has been mistakenly arrested 5 times. He was arrested one time in Idaho, 2 times in California, and 2 times in Washington.


DeRay McKesson is a social activist of black lives matter, and of American civil rights. DeRay is not very well known because he didn't have a bad or a big impact on America, even though he was part of the reason people started letting black people have the same rights as white people do. DeRay was born on July 9th, 1985 in Niger, Africa, but his parents soon sent him to America in 2006 when he was only 21.They wanted him to work with the government so he could send money back to Africa to help his family out. DeRay is known as famous in Africa for his pottery and glass making. He was treated like royalty as a result of this. When DeRay got to America, he was completely lost because he thought he should've gotten special treatment as he had before. In fact, when DeRay first landed, he didn't want to get off the plane because he didn't want to be in harm of "fans". When people finally got him off, he thought America was great. He got his sister to join him in America. She also became a social activist.