Get Trendy This Wedding Season

With Designer Lehenga Sarees

Get Trendy This Wedding Season With Designer Lehenga Sarees

Every bride, every bridesmaid and every woman attending the wedding functions want to look pretty. They want to dress up differently and smartly. Sarees, Salwar Kameez and lehengas have always been the usual options by far. But this wedding season the most gorgeous choice of Indian clothing for the ladies is the Lehenga Sarees.

Bharatplaza brings the designer collection of colorful and royal lehenga sarees in varied craftsmanship and colors keeping in mind the wedding charm and grace.

What is a Lehenga Saree?

Lehenga saree is a combination of lehenga and saree which comprises the grace of saree and comfort of lehenga. The pleats of this attire are already stitched with intricate work on them to give the dress a look of lehenga. The dupatta is the dress is the palla of the saree.

What Makes Lehenga Saree So Popular?

In the last few years, this ethnic attire has gained a lot of popularity and developed a lot of liking. Whether it’s a wedding function or it is a festive celebration, you can dress up in this wonderful Indian dress. There are various reasons which have made it such a hit.

  • The Indian Look: The lehenga saree has become popular for its totally Indian look. That’s the reason it can be worn by girls and ladies both because it is purely traditional with the essence of Indian culture.
  • Easy to Wear and Comfortable to Carry: This amazing dress is very comfortable to carry compared to a saree because you do not have to struggle with setting the pleats and managing them all the time. All you need to do is get into the already stitched skirt and set your palla. You can dance, walk, party easily with this super-comfortable Indian dress.

  • Freedom to Experiment: You have a big room to create a unique look for your dress. From simple traditional style to a half and half style or a fish-cut style. You can select a style of your choice along with experimenting with colors and garments.
  • More Occasions and Options to Wear: Lehenga sarees can be worn for a greater number of events compared to sarees and lehengas individually. This combo suits all festive occasions perfectly.

There are various reasons which have led to the popularity and mass acceptance of this traditional dress :

Lehenga Sarees For Different Occasions

Wedding Lehenga Sarees

Fascinating attires with a royal and glamorous look go really well for occasions like wedding, reception, Sangeet and sagai. Whether you are a bride or her sister, friend or any other relative; you can wear this traditional outfit for any of these functions.

Festival Lehenga Sarees

If you want to enjoy the Diwali celebrations to the fullest and also wish to burst crackers, then this beautiful dress is an idea piece of clothing to get you the most charming look along with lots of ease of carrying your dress.

Party Lehenga Sarees

For an elegant and pleasant look, you can have lehenga sarees designed with frills, laces and nets in pastel shades and intricate pearl work and embellishments.

You can wear them for any occasion and have all the eyes following you.

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