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3 ways to be safe while cleaning are, do not swing equipment, wear gloves when cleaning toilets, and wear shoes with grips.

cleaning schedule

The purpose of a cleaning schedule is what your cleaning everyday and what days you don't have to clean certain items everyday.

cleaning products

The three cleaning products we use are, window cleaner, sanitizer, and floor cleaner.


The three types of brooms we use are
  • angle broom: used to collect dirt from corners or around furniture
  • push broom: sweeps dust and dirt in a single pass
  • lobby broom: used in hotels or lobbies to sweep up garbage quickly


The two types of mops are
  • dust mop: used to collect dust from floors
  • wet mop: cleans floor with water and floor cleaner


The two ways we clean windows are
  • window cleaner with yellow rag
  • squeegee with squeegee bucket


Three items we sanitize in the hospital room are
  • the over bed table
  • the arms of the chairs
  • the railings of the bed

bed changing

The purpose of sanitary bed changing is: changing beds can prevent skin infections.

The four sanitary ways of bed changing are
  • wash hands before changing the bed
  • set items on a clean surface
  • wear gloves to protect hands
  • remove dirty laundry by rolling it