Come to Rome!!

Come and Celebrate the new era, the Pax Romana

What is the Pax Romana?

The term "Pax Romana" means Roman peace, so the Pax Romana is a time of peace and happiness for Rome. The way things are going the Pax Romana will last forever, and Rome will eventually rule all of the world.

Benefits of the Pax Romana


The culture of Rome and during the Pax Romana originated from the Greeks. After their conquests the Greeks were brought to Rome as slaves, as they taught them laws and legal traditions. Many poets live here in ROme, as Orvid spoke for the wealthy people, and Horace criticized the wealthy people Virgil writes the propaganda of Rome. Also the architecture is also part of our culture. We use a number of techniques by the use of arches, bridges and also roads were created. We think law should reflect the principles reason and justice and should protect the citizen's person and personality. We enjoy battles in the Colosseum and we provide lots and lots of land.

Social Structure

The Quality of life in Rome depends on which society you belong to. The wealthy build huge decorated houses, and usually own servants and slaves. The average citizen works hard and lived reasonably comfortable in a modest housing. Most of the people are trying to survive with what they can which is called poverty. The Roman family structure is a patriarchy, which means the oldest and wisst male was in charge of the house hold, but all family members in Rome are citizens of Rome.

Food and Attractions

The Roman diet consists of three main Mediterranean groups: grapes, grains, and olives. Everyone that is located in the Italian Peninsula eat these foods, as the grains are made into bread, the grapes are made into wine, and the olives, are made for olive oil. The many attractions that in Rome, the most famous is the Colosseum, where gladiators, and other men in battle would fight to the death for our pleasure. Also sports are a big part of the Roman culture as most sports use the equipment of medicine balls or dumbbells, but most Roman sports involve battles or chariot races. Where you can find the chariot races, is in the Circus Maximus, it is the most popular circus in Rome, and the races are very intense.

Clothing and Public Facilities

The Roman style of clothing would then be the use of togas, which is a white clog that you wrap around your body for protection and also warmth, and also they would be a belt to keep the toda up. The public facilities range from the public baths to the sturdy roads. One of public facilities are the public baths, this were mostly the wealthy would bathe, and cleanse themselves, then there are the aqueducts, which are used to transport water from a Roman city to other cities or public facilities. Finally there are the roads, which are the first roads ever made in history! They are made for a more efficient way of transportation from city to city.


The Government of Rome during the Pax Romana is flourishing. It is well balanced, as it prides very efficient decisions for the entire Roman empire. Rome is still rapidly expanding, so there are lots of room for agriculture and house building. With the amount of agriculture, trade is very efficient, and everyone gets the profits they are expected for there cattle or crops. And most of the time decisions are made to favor the people of Rome