Stunning Starfish

By:Kylir Alexander


Many people think starfish sit around and look pretty but they are wrong.The starfish has an unique source of movement.It also has a common habitat.As far as the aperce goes its spectacular and stunning. A starfish can be fascinating it has tiny feet to move,a friendly habitat,and various sizes and colors.


A star fish is amazing.Some people want a star fish a s a pet,but what they don't under stand is that its all this work to have one.You need clams and mollusks for it to eat.It would be cool to have one buts its all work and respectability.

Think Tank

For my think tank i made a comic strip About trash in the sea.
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Go Fish

My aquarium included,7 fish(1 green mandarin golby,3 angelicus Boeotia,and 2 clown fish.y decoration is nice and fish can thrive in this environment.I bought a 20 gallon tank to support my fish and a sea anemone for my clown fish. Im putting my fish tank in my the entrance hall so the first thing people see is a herd of beautiful fish.1 spent a total of $178.78 and I stayed under my budget of $250

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My diorama's Answer key



3.giant squid

4.sea snail



7.sea weed

8.jelly fish