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What's happening in Sra. Williams' class...

Upcoming events:

Oct. 6 Shoebox Habitats are due NO SCHOOL Oct.7

Oct. 12 Science Enrichment: Sr. Williams will be presenting some hands-on lessons about magnetism

Oct. 13 TeacherTea: 4-4:45pm in Sra. Bair's room

Topic: CPAA testing what is it? What can you do at home to better prepare your child for it?

Oct ? Parent conferences

Heads up, I'll be sending a sign-up genius. These conferences will be students guided, so please plan to bring your child with you.

In class this week: October 3-7, 2016

Language Arts: We are assessing reading level, comprehension, and reading and writing fluency in order to compile a data portfolio to share with you at conferences

Math: We are assessing use of addition and subtraction strategies ( counting on and counting back), and number recognition in order to compile a data portfolio to share with you at conferences

Science/Social Studies: We are learning about the types of eco-systems: bosque (forest), oceano, pantana (swamp), desierto, pradera (prairie)and how the plants and animals that live there co-depend on one another. Next week we will be sharing our shoebox habitats. (medio ambientes)

How can you support your child's learning?

Language Arts: 1. Make sure your child is reading at home

2. Ask about the characters, setting and conflict (problem) of their library book choice


1. Have you child count objects at home: How many windows do you have? How many types of cereals? How many books?

2. Create story problems ( to 10) using the four step process: Circle the numbers, Find the magic word/s (those that tell you to + or -) write the number sentence and solve, and Draw dots to check your work

Science/Social Studies: 1. Help your child complete his/her shoe box habitat

2. Visit the Tulsa Zoo or the Tulsa Botanical Gardens and chat about why certain animals live in a particular environment and not somewhere else

Example- We have learned that prairie dogs live in the prairie because they eat grass which the prairie has an abundance of and because the ground is easily dug into tunnels due to the lack of tree roots.