Snapshots In Time

Sam Knizner

Why I Chose This Topic

I chose flashbulb memory as my topic because I am interested in this subject and want to learn more about it. It is interesting to me how one event can leave such a permanent impact on your life and allow you to remember everything about it. My research will help me to understand flashbulb memory better and it might help others do the same.
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What Is Flashbulb Memory?

Flashbulb memory is a very detailed "snapshot" of an important moment in your life. It has a significant impact on you and allows you to remember every aspect of an event.
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The Brain

During the creation of flashbulb memories, the amygdala is rapidly encoding memories and information. The amygdala is also involved in emotion, which is why the more shocking the event, the more likely a flashbulb memory is to form. The rest of the brain is functioning normally during these events.
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Research & Psychologists

Roger Brown and James Kulik were the first psychologists to propose the idea of flashbulb memories in 1977. They, along with 15 other psychologists, ran an experiment on peoples memories of 9/11. They found that the memories were exceptionally vivid and detailed, and this confirmed their theory of flashbulb memories.

Interesting Stuff

Common flashbulb memories today are the September 11 terrorist attacks, and the assassinations of public figures. Even though these are public events, they have an emotional impact on people. Similarly, for younger people, common flashbulb memories are of the Sandy Hook school shooting, Michael Jacksons death, and Obama's Presidential Inauguration.
Flashbulb Memories