4K Weekly Update

From Miss. Miller

Important Reminders

  • Thursday is a 12:45 dismissal for conferences
  • Students can bring healthy snacks and water bottles
  • Your child should be tracking reading minutes. The goal is 100 minutes each week. This month, the whole school is partnering with the Cedar Rapids Rough Riders for an incentive program. Instead of the purple reading minute trackers, there will be a white one that starts on Monday. The goal is still 100 minutes. There will be a sheet sent home today that explains the program. PLEASE PARTICIPATE!!! It would be great to have our kids win the prizes! Reading is the ONLY homework I have sent home this school year.


We just began our 3rd Journeys story, "Ecology for Kids". This is our first nonfiction story of the year! We have been focusing on main idea and details as we read. Students have also been working hard on our new vocabulary words. Ask your student to show you their gestures we created for each word.

Vocabulary Words:

  1. Organism
  2. Species
  3. Vast
  4. Habitat
  5. Radiation
  6. Variety
  7. Affect
  8. Banned
  9. Traces
  10. Directly


This week we have been continuing to work on chapter 2 in math. Students have been diligently working on solving multi digit addition problems using expanded form. Students also continued to work on place value throughout the week. We will be wrapping up chapter 2 next week with multi digit subtraction and plan to have the chapter 2 test next Friday.


This week, students completed the fall benchmark assessment for writing. This assessed each students ability to answer a prompt for an informative explanatory writing piece. Students worked hard on this for 3 days. Then for the last part of the week students completed an activity where they picked a character and a setting out of a bowl and had to create a story. The students really enjoyed doing this! Ask them to read you their story!

Homecoming Week!

Important October Reminders

  • October 5th 30 Minute Late Start
  • October 6th 12:45 Dismissal
  • October 6th 2-7:30 PTCs
  • October 19th 30 Minute Late Start
  • October 31st No School; Professional Learning