Middle School The Worst Years Of My

Life by James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts-Luis Ibarra

Expository, Rising Action, and Climax

Summer break ends and Rafe Khatchadorian goes to Hills Village Middle School for the new year. Every students goes to the gym to talk about all rules in the Hills Village Middle School Code Of Conduct. Then Rafe's imaginary brother , Leo the silent, tells Rafe that he should break all the rules in the Code Of Conduct book as a game. Rafe accepts the challenge, and falls in love with Jeanne Galleta. Each day, Rafe meets, Miller the bully, who bullies him everyday. Miller steals his book about breaking the rules, but Rafe gets it back by paying money. Each Day, Rafe breaks the rules, while her mom worries about him.


Rafe stops being a bad kid for her mom, and starts to act normal. He keeps on doing it, till he gets bored, and starts to break the rules again. He starts to feel bad to his mom, because she gets reports of him being a rule breaker and sometimes cry. He then does something so corrupted that he gets expelled for the rest of the year, and start 6th grade again. Then Rafe's teacher, Donatello, says that he can go to summer school, or he can also decide to go to a art school. It was a hard choice so he just will figure another day.