New York

Going A wall dutch style

The colony of New Netherland was originally founded by the Dutch 1624. It was the home of many merchants, brokers, lawyers, painters, printers, tailors and many other tradespeople before the English take over. The home of Wall street was actually just a wall that marked the norther edge of the settlement in manhattan.

We the working middle class of New Amsterdam were proud of our Dutch heritage. We welcomed all natives and immigrants into our global markets to increase trade and wealth. The people began to master new trades to help our colony become successful without the help of others. We did not want to give up our land and religious freedom to the English without a fight. The Duke of York was determined to get what he set out for, and did just that by sending several warships and some 400 troops conquer our small colony. This was no challenge for them and we became one. Although the governor attempted to satisfy both groups, it was not the end result. We of course were granted religious freedom in which seemed ideal, but the lack of land policies and self government did not bring new settlers. The economy began to fall when the governors used their own custom ideas as ways to regulate trade, this greatly upset local merchants. As the economy fell, something had to change, this lead to a meeting of the Dutch and English representatives to come up with a plan. This lead to “ Charter of Libertyes and Privileges" which was not authorized by the king himself. The charter promised civil liberties to all New Yorkers and allowing the right to self government by the elected assembly. The King was not okay with giving New Yorkers more rights than any other colonies nor did he want anything to debilitate the powers of the parliament. Because this charter was failed, the growth of our New York diminished.