Bolivar High School New Programs

Bolivar High School has many exciting programs launching for the 2015-16 school year. Below are some highlights from some of them.

BHS Guidance Center Contact Information

Kim Stanek, Registrar,
Geana Stokes, Last Name A-L:
Jennifer Ferrell, Last Name M-Z:
Michelle Darby, College & Career Counselor:

GO CAPS Internship Program

Collaboration among several southwest Missouri school districts and the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce will help create the Greater Ozarks Center for Advanced Professional Studies. The GO CAPS program will expose students to potential careers and allow them to gain practical experience with local employers through experiential learning in a workplace setting.

The GO CAPS Program will provide a new opportunity for 5 selected BHS Juniors or Seniors next year who are interested in participating in an innovative professional setting in Springfield for 1/2 of their BHS schedule. GO CAPS students are immersed in professional learning environments engaging in curriculum developed by industry professionals and program instructors – ensuring that what is taught and experienced in the classroom is relevant to the workforce needs of today and tomorrow. Learning will be enhanced by project work direct from industry partners who engage to mentor students and ensure timely, accurate and real project results. Placements will be available both in the Manufacturing and Healthcare/Medicine industries. Potential business partners for this program are Cox North and Springfield ReManufacturing Corporation. Students will be responsible for their own transportation to Springfield each day. More information and applications will be available in April 2015.

Senior Seminar

Senior students may be eligible for Senior Seminar if he/she has completed 24 units of credit prior to senior year (or 25.5 after 1st semester of senior year.) Enrollment in Senior Seminar is contingent upon the student carrying 95% attendance during the semester in which the student is enrolled. Senior Seminar is an independent pass/fail course conducted predominantly online and through scheduled meetings with the guidance counselor to develop and complete college/career readiness planning and activities. Topics of study include, but are not limited to, researching career options, financing an education beyond high school, completing/submitting post-secondary education applications as well as scholarship applications, study habits, and post-secondary career planning.

BHS Career Internships

Individual placements with local cooperating businesses can be set up by the College & Career Counselor for students wanting to gain experience in an industry. Students work with the College & Career Counselor to find placements that meet their college and career goals. This is reserved for seniors in excellent academic and attendance standing.

BHS Automotive Technology

This course will focus on pre-apprenticeship skills in tune-up, brake system, electrical systems, lamp adjustments, lubrication service and parts management. The program will be conducted in an auto facility located off campus in Bolivar. It will be ran as a production shop in conjunction with classroom presentations. All students will have instruction in shop operations and procedures. This is for grades 10-12.

SBU Dual Enrollment (at SBU Campus) and Online Classes

Juniors and seniors who have a minimum ACT score of 21 may wish to take a course on SBU’s campus within their BHS schedule. This “University” time must be prearranged and approved by the high school counselor and SBU’s Admissions office. In addition to Dual Enrollment opportunities, SBU also offers some dual credit online courses. See Mrs. Darby for more information about taking online classes. Courses offered by SBU online in the past include:
Geography (GEO 1103)
Foundations of Physical Fitness and Wellness (HPE 1162--Meets the high school PE requirement)
History of the United States (HIS 2213 and 2223)
American Government and Politics (POL 1113)
General Psychology (PSY 1013)
Introductory Sociology (SOC 1003)
Introduction to Fine Arts (FAR 1003)

BHS Personal Finance Online

This course will help students learn how to manage their money. They will learn how to make proper financial decisions, prepare a budget, understand taxes, evaluate insurance, explore investment options, and promote intelligent spending, saving, and use of credit. The students will construct a personal/savings plan based on short and long-term goals. They will analyze how career choice, education, skills, and economic conditions affect income. Students should expect to spend at least 4 hours per week on Personal Finance coursework. Students are not required to be on campus during their assigned Personal Finance Online block. For program requirements and permission, see Mrs. Green in Room 102.