Walmart Human Resource Management

Human Resource Team

The HR is to understand the connections to fitting the right person for the right job. Walmart's mission is to improve the customers save money. HR associates are to motivate 2.2 million workers to accomplish their role every single day. The employees get a discount of 10%, get paid vacation and time off, and they also get health insurance.

Some Complaints That Walmart Gets

  • “I first worked day shift as part time and after a year transferred to nights as ICS associate working 40 hours a week and after receiving my first check for overnights, I didn't see my pay change. So I went into HR, asked them about this and they said it would have to be fixed. So, two months of continuously going into HR, still no change in pay so for two/ three months I’m missing $1.20 extra an hour. No back pay at all. Now, I was terminated on New Year’s 15 for "ghost picking", no write ups, no coachings, no complaints before on my job performance. Keep in mind I've done this same job for over a year and never one time have I ever been called into the office nor said anything to about my job performance. I will be going over their heads for wrongful termination and if Walmart was unionized, this would never happen to anyone.” –Jennifer H. of Port Neches, TX

  • “Cashier, hate it! Poor wages, hours are all over the map, no consistency. Front end support understaffed, slow on action codes from cashiers. Long lines, and angry customers make for a long stressful day. Co-workers are friendly, most are very hard workers while managers sit in their office doing very little. Have a new job and leaving after 3 weeks at Walmart.” –Donna of Palm Desert, CA

  • “I was an employee of Walmart in Joplin, MO #0059 and it was the worst experienced place I worked for. Walmart lies, cheats, and abuses their associates. I faced harassment from one of the Assistant Managers and nothing was ever done about it. I was accused of editing my time when in fact I more than likely cheated myself out of time. Management needs to show more respect to their associates and listen to them. To be honest actually, Walmart did me a huge favor and I will never work for this company again.” –Kevin of Joplin, MO

  • “I have been working with Walmart going on 6 months. I started as cashier. I was asked to train for customer service and money center, it was a raise and "less work", as it was advertised to me. While training, I expressed my discomfort with being put in confrontational situations & how unsure I was if I was following policy or not. All they told me was, "you'll get used to it." Weeks went by, and as I saw that they were beginning to schedule me for customer service & money center, I notified the CSMs, talked to personal. All I am told was, "you'll grow into it". No, I get anxiety thinking about work. It's frustrating…Our scheduling is horrible. We have no middle shift, we always have lines of angry customers. Closing for customer service is horrible too. There's so many returns, so much junk and only one person to sort it all AND to take care of customers? Produce and grocery managers need to be retrained. This store needs a heavier presence of their managers instead of always hiding.” –A. of McAllen, TX

  • “My daughter in Wisconsin worked for 10 years at Walmart’s in Burlington. She had paid into a 401K and needed the funds upon leaving. The company said its policy was that it would take 2 weeks for her to be paid. She is under a hardship and needs the money right away.” –S. of Valley Stream, NY

  • "I purchased a 24 inch TV and later it cracked on the inside panel.after 2 months of complaints and finally someone from corporate who helped us with our problem.

  • i implore all who want to buy any electronics from Walmart with insurance, DON,T EVER BUY ANY ELECTRONIC OR INSURANCE FROM WALMART. they wont help you at all. all those that work for Walmart corporate, shame on you. Walmart was built and an ideal to give better product for the american people at a great price. You truly have fallen from the apple that walt started. KARMA WILL BE YOUR DOWNFALL. AND FOR THE CEO, STOP THE MADNESS.