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A Journey of Faith: Honduras Edition

Hello Sweet Friends!

I spent a few days this week at The Village Church attending a conference. This conference was a time where this church was completely transparent with what they felt they were doing well and the areas they knew they were weak. They didn't posture themselves in a way where they were superior and every church attending the conference was lowly. On quite the contrary, the Village church communicated and showed time and time again that they were here to learn as well. And most importantly, there to serve.

This really struck me. A church that as seemingly done so much well and has been "successful" if you will, was in no way presenting a boastful disposition. And after going through their conference, I know why. Their boast is not in their programming. Their multi-campus church. Their number of salvations. Their global impact through the A29 organization. Their boast isnt in anything The Village Church pulls off or is a part of.

Their Boast is in Jesus Christ. His death and resurrection. The Gospel. And anything this church does is an overflow out of that truth.

Whoa heart check. What do we put our boast in brothers and sisters? Our jobs? Our money? Our personalities? Ourselves?

Our boast should always and forever be in The Gospel. If we dont start there, we end well. Period.

My hope is built on nothing less, than Jesus blood and righteousness.

Rest in Him today, friends!

In Great Love,


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Fundraising Update

Week by Week I get to experience and then express to you the faithfulness of Christ through the body of Christ!!! As of now, I have $1,353 in firm monthly support and $9,000 in one time donations! DID YOU GUYS READ THIS?!?!?!? I only need $497 more monthly support and I am FULLY FUNDED in One-Time Donations!!!

Any one time donations I get now roll directly over into monthly needs! WOW! I am at a loss for words to express my gratitude. God is so faithful. Its unreal.

As I say and will continue to voice, I am blown away by the body of Christ and your hearts to partner in the Gospel. Praying that these financial needs will continue to be met! In total, for 2 years of ministry in Honduras, it requires $53,000. That breaks down to $22,000 a year ($1850 a month), and $9,000 in one time costs (Honduras residency application, initial flight to Honduras, Spanish tutoring, etc.).

Please if you are interested in partnering with me, look to my "Join My Support Team" section below. Thank you all so much and please if you have any questions, thoughts, prayer requests, etc, send them my way! Let's build God's kingdom TOGETHER!

In Great Love,


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Prayer Requests

This month has been mindblowing! God is so good! He is showing His faithfulness time and time again and it is so humbling to get to watch Him do His thing. Please continue praying for these things:

1) That I would be fully funded by the end of October! It is a scary thing to step out in faith in this way, but I am praying this will be done! I had a vision when I started fundraising that I would be fully funded by the holidays, and my goodness this could really happen!!!

2) That God would be glorified and I play the background. This is not about Meghan Mazerolle. It never was and it never will be. Please pray that in all of this support raising that the focus remains on advancing the Gospel and building God's Kingdom.

3) That God would remain on His throne in my mind and in my heart. During this journey. During this process, I have seen how easy it is to get distracted and focused on logostical needs rather than Christ himself. So please pray that God and His glory remain the focus.

4) For Hope 4 Honduras and the ministry that is being done and will be done. Pray that God is stirring, working, and moving in the lives of the people in Honduras.

5) Pray for the nations. No matter where you are geographically, we as believers are called to be missionaries. Pray boldly to be used for God's glory right where you are at, as I am remembering this in my time of preparing to go, right now Im in a mission field too in Texas!

Thank you in advance Prayer Warriors for waging war on your knees for the Gospel of Christ!

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Join My Support Team!

Do you want to join in what God is doing in Honduras? Here is how YOU can be a part:

1) Financially

Account Code: H4H-Mzrl.MLM

There you will be prompted with a screen to be able to give a one-time or reoccuring monthly financial gift. *Note: all donations are done through a secure 501-C3 non profit funnel for tax purposes*

2) Prayerfully

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