ARABIC 1 Newsletter Lesson 12

(Lesson 12 Starts Today (May 2-6 الدرس الثاني عشر يبدأ اليوم

We are almost at the end of the Arabic Marathon! This week is Lesson 12 and Next Week is Recovery Week.

Due Date Calendar



بسمة و محمد وعروسة وضحى و اليجا for their hard work in submitting current and past assignments over the weekend. Please keep it up!!! براقو يا شباب
REPORT CARD GOES TO SCHOOL TOMORROW, TUESDAY MAY 3rd!!! yallah, let's get busy. Some students are still missing assignments. Please call me, text me, email me or find me on BlackBoard IM if I can help you in any way. All assignments from lesson 6-11 will be included in this grade report. So make sure you submit ALL MISSED ASSIGNMENTS to make up all your 0% by 8:00pm. This will allow me some time to grade your last minute make up work (which I love to grade). Yallah, let’s improve your grade… Not too late!!!

حظ سعيد- السيدة إيستون

WATCH Lesson 12 Grammar Video: قواعد الدرس الثاني عشر

WATCH: Click here to watch L.12 Grammar and Language Notes Concepts

What to Look Forward to in this lesson: أهداف تعليم الدرس الثاني عشر

In this lesson, you will learn :

  • The different sections of the typical Arabic house (old and modern).
  • Different generations living in the same house.
  • Colors in Arabic.
  • Adjectives in Arabic and their relations to nouns
  • List of some opposites related to daily life.
  • The importance of writing letters in their proper position in the word to preserve the correct meaning.
  • How to extract several words from one root.

What assignments are due by Sunday, May 8th الواجبات

واجبات الدرس الثاني عشر

What assignments are due by Sunday, May. 8th الواجبات

  • Assignment 12.1: Speaking (Parts of House) - Due by due date on course calendar
  • Assignment 12.2: Traditional Arabic House- Discussion Board (Due by due date on course calendar)
  • Assignment 12.3: (Due by due date on course calendar)
  • Assignment 12.4: Vocabulary & Speaking - Due by due date on course calendar
  • Assignment 12.5: Coaching Sessions -
  • Due by due date on course calendar
  • End of Lesson 12 Quiz: Due by due date on course calendar
  • End of Module 3 LinguaFolio Assignment - Due by due date on course calendar
  • Contact your teacher weekly via Text, BBIM or phone to check in
يا الله يا شباب, Yallah, Have you enrolled in ARABIC 2 for the spring semester? There's still room & registration is still open. I look forward to seeing your name on my roster next semester.
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WATCH: Language Coaching Reminder:

CLICK to WATCH what language coaching is and how you can make up your missed session

Language Coaching Sessions: Please make sure you attend coaching sessions at your designated time, day, and coach. It's a big part (20%) of your grade, and very important to attend! If you have an emergency and can't attend the session, please email your coach right away to let her/him know. *If you miss a coaching session, make it up ASAP!
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