Flight Attendents

A love to travel

Job Description

The job of flight attendant falls under the Transportation and logistics pathway. Flight attendants are friendly and helpful to customers. They help people feel comfortable and serve them meals and drinks during a flight. They also help calm people that may be experiencing anxiety about flying or having an emergency on board. They have to be good with people and have a calm demeanor.

Job Requirements

To be considered for hire as a flight attendant, you must have a high school diploma, some companies prefer associates degree programs in flight attendant training. They must have skills in active listening, reading comprehension, speaking, critical thinking, and active learning. Most flight attendants work 50 hours a week , but are usually limited to working 12 hour shifts. How far they travel is up to what flight or region they are assigned. Many times they go from one flight directly into another flight back to the same city they just came from.

Why Does This Job Interest Me

I enjoy traveling and meeting new people. I think I am friendly and caring. I want to go to college, so getting my high school diploma will not be a problem. I like the idea of meeting new people every day.

Pros and Cons of Being a Flight Attendant

One positive of being a flight attendant is getting free or discounted personal flying. Many times, friends or family may be able to fly free. They also get to meet new people from many backgrounds and visit new places.

Some of the negatives are being away from home for long periods of time. You have to wear the uniform. Sometimes, attendants have to deal with sick people or people that may be aggressive or threatening. They now have to be worried about people hijacking the plane.

Primary Responsibilities

They must know a variety of first aid. They direct and assist passengers in emergency procedures. They check to ensure that food and beverages are passed out to fliers. They help with assisting people with special needs and announce flight delays and descents. They also stay in contact with the pilots about any needs in the cabin.