Apps for Mobile learning

Educational Apps to use in the K-12 classroom


For Module 9 we were asked to look through at least 5 mobile apps that can be used in the K-12 classroom for educational purposes. We were also asked to provide examples of how they can be used,


Socrative allows teachers to engage and assess students learning online. The teacher can assignment homework questions or a quiz and then have students work on it on their own. The teacher will then get the feedback to determine where students are excelling, and where they are struggling. This can greatly help enhance the classroom learning environment because the teacher gets instant feedback on the understanding levels of the student,

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is a collaborative app that allows students to work together on assignments. The app is actually about to be upgrading, to allow the mobile device to become a collaborative whiteboard. The app has several features include drawing, adding text, and a 'laser pointer' to focus on specific material within the assignment.

This app could be used in the classroom for group projects. Students can work together on the same project from anywhere they want, It could be used in a science class to draw a diagram and then label the specific parts, or add formulas that help explain.

Exit Ticket in the classroom

This app is a good way for teachers to get real time feedback on students knowledge. The app has comprehension checks that allow teachers to immediately rephrase or change their schedule to ensure that all students are understanding the concepts. It also allows students to form their own goals regarding the course and to better direct their personal learning. Exit ticket allows students to take control of their personal learning.

This could be used in a math class, where I could teach the concept and then have students working on their own with exit ticket to work on questions they aren't sure about. This way I can have complete access to students struggling with the assignment, and figure out what I need to focus on the most.

  • Google drive is a commonly used app that is a hub for all google apps. The Google Drive allows students and teachers to organize their work into folders, and to choose what format they want to make assignments in. Google apps also have great collaboration tools, where all students are able to work together on the same assignment at the same time. Any document or slides can be saved and shared with anybody that the student/teacher wants to share it with.
  • An example of google drive in the classroom is having students work in groups to find definitions and answer questions on a group assignment. Students can have access to online tools as well as their own personal notes, while working together to solve the problems.
  • I think Google docs specifically would be helpful in a high school English or Social Studies classroom.
  • clicker school is an app that allows you to create polls and quizzes for your students. This way they can immediate answer questions that are asked in class anonymously. this is incredibly helpful for students, because some don't want to speak up for fear of getting questions wrong. Since clickers are anonymous, students would feel safe in answering the questions and they would also get immediate feedback.
  • This would be a great app to use in several different classes, however I feel like it would be extremely useful in a math or physics classroom, since the teacher can cover content and then post questions on that content to get immediate feedback on student understanding.