Francois (Papa Doc) Duvalier

Haitian leader


Francois Duvalier was born on april 14th 1907 and was the 40th president of Haiti. He served from 1957 to 1971. During his presidency he promoted a black majority in the army through civil service. His army was designed to keep him in office as long as possible. He created an army to promote him through the country side in which it raised support for his regime. In 1961 his macoute was formed as there secret police to protect him. In may 1959 he suffered from a major heart attack in which caused severe neurological damage which made him more paranoid about his well being. He tortured people while he was there watching. Duvalier held a bloody grip to Haiti until his death in 1971.
Francois Duvalier
The video above shows how Francios Duvalier used his power to patrol and force his country to support him and keep other country from threatening his power through Haiti.

Journal Entry

July 1959,

Its been 2 months since my heart attack. I have been suffering from severe paranoia. I have been killing all black dogs due to the rumor that Barbot my threat has been transformed into a black dog. The feeling of watching others being tortured amuses me and enjoy watching it. I have no idea why but I like it. My secret police force has been cracking down on opposing threats to my well being as president. I feel as im bringing well being to the citizens of Haiti by protecting them from outside threats from other countrys trying to over throw my leadership.

Essential question

Was Francois Duvalier influence on Haiti beneficial for the residents.