By Cody

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The setting takes place in the island of Quill where there is believed to be a boiling lake of oil to get rid of the Unwanted children of the land. But the boiling lake is really a magical p,ace called Artime where the Unwanteds are welcome and kept secret away from the ruler of Quill.

Main Characters

Alex Stowe

Aaron Stowe

High Priest Justine

Lani Haluki

Meghan Ranger

Samheed Burkesh

Mr. Today


The main problem or conflict in this story is that the magical place Artime will be discovered by the people of Quill. This is a problem, because everyone thinks that the Unwanteds are all dead, but really there all still alive practicing magic in preparation if a war ever happened.


In the world where the book,"The Unwanteds" takes place, there is one day every year which children of the age thirteen are purged. Everyone is gathered into an auditorium and each child is determined wanted, necessary or unwanted. This year, Alex Stowe is declared an Unwanted while his twin brother is a Wanted. Alex is then sent to a lake of boiling oil to die. When he and the other Unwanteds are thrown in, they are transported to a magical place called Artimé. In Artimé, people are allowed to be creative, have feelings, and have dreams unlike in Quill where all of those things would be considered infractions. It is up to Alex to decide what decisions to make while he prepares for a possibly deadly war against Quill. The biggest question of all, what side will his brother fight on?



Point of View

The Point of View is through Alex's eyes.


I would rate this book 5 out of 5 stars for how intriguing this book is. Unwanteds makes me want to read all of the books in the series.