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Civil Case Procedure

Simple Steps Preparing for a Civil Case

1. Hire a lawyer from Allison Law Firm.

2. The Plaintiff's lawyer (the one trying to prove guilt) will file a complaint.

3. The Defendant will receive a summon to appear at the court on a specific date.

4. The defendant will respond with an answer to the complaint.

5. These together form the pleadings.

6. Prepare for the pretrial conference which will help the judge understand, and possibly help reach an agreement.

Steps of a Civil Case

1. Plaintiff and defendant may be helped through mediation (3rd party helping agreement) to decide on an agreement.

2. Another option is arbitration in which a third party hears both and makes a binding decision.

3. In a trial there must be a preponderance of evidence in which more than 50% of the presented evidence points to a decision.

4. This leads to a verdict, or the decision made in the case.

5. If you feel the verdict is unfair or there was a procedural error, you may appeal it to a higher court.