Act 2 Scene 2 Lines 92-162

Most Important Quote

MND II.ii.109 Lysander : And run through fire I will for thy sweet sake!

Paraphrased: I will do anything for the person I love!

He wakes up and immediately think of Helena- not Hermia.

Helena - Character analysis

Helena is significant because she causes conflict by Lysander falling in love with her instead of staying in love with Hermia. Her trait, insecure, makes her think that Lysander actually loves her, and that he wasn't under a spell.

Hermia- Character Analysis

Hermia is significant because she causes conflict by being the one who Lysander originally loved and making Helena jealous because Demetrius loves her too. Her determined trait makes her confident that she will find Lysander or die trying.

Lysander- Character Analysis

Lysander is significant because he is what most of the conflict in the play is based around. He at first loves Hermia but through a misconception falls in love with Helena, screwing up everything that he and others thought to be. His trait of being week-willed allows him to be swayed by the love potion and fall in love with Helena.

Demetrius - Character Analysis

He is the one who loves Hermia throughout the whole story even though she loves Lysander. He's important because he is the one she's supposed love but she doesn't. He is facing man vs man because he's competing with Lysander for Hermia's love. The trait affecting the conflict is his determination even though Hermia is already in love.


Helena is rethinking her life and thinking about Demetrius never loving her because she is as ugly as a bear. She sees Lysander asleep and wakes him up, not knowing that he has been infected with a love potion that makes you fall in love with the first person you see after waking up. As soon as Lysander wakes up he declares his love to Helena and threatens to kill Demetrius. Helena is Awestruck because as far as she knows Lysander loves Hermia and always has. After arguing for a bit they both leave and Hermia wakes up and wonders where Lysander is.