My Self Perceptions

By Andres Ortiz

How I Want Others to Percieve me

It would be nice if people percieved me as smart, trustworthy, helful, and caring. My goal is for people to percieve me as these things. If people saw these things in me I would treat them with more respect. I'll tell you about all of these words below.


I think people should percieve me as smart, because ever since I have gone to pre-K, I have loved to learn. Over the past 4 years I have gathered information about everday life, which include math, science, spelling, social studies, and english language arts.


Others should be able to trust me, because I have had multiple friends for the past 5 years. I have made a total of 16 friends, and I still know 8 of them. The 8 friends I don't know anymore have moved away.


Others should think I am helpful, because I help a lot at school and at home. Sometimes other people get annoyed, because I am always tring to help. (That is part of the caring, so I will talk about that later.) Being helpful is a good quality to have in life, so I think I want to be as helpful as I can be.


Caring is one thing that I have down, but some people just don't recognize it. If someone gets hurt, I will try to be the first person to get the adult. Others think I am too caring, and sometimes get annoyed with me. (See I told you this was a part of caring.)