The Silurian period

By Johnny Mahavong

where is it in the time period?


What is the Silurian age like?

By the middle of the Silurian, however, global climate had become much warmer, comparable to that of most of the Ordovician and Devonian Periods. A new greenhouse phase began, leading to the melting of many large glacial ice sheets, which contributed to a substantial rise in global sea level.
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What was the climate like?

The climate is mainly warm and wet.
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What should travelers pack for comfort and safety?

travelers should bring a solar-powered fan, a med pack, and scuba gear.

What dangers might travelers face?

Dangers that travelers might face is the creatures that swim in the water for example, Eurypterids.

What was the environment like?

The environment was mostly coral and water.
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Geologic History of Colorado - Ordovician and Silurian Periods

What are the main things travelers might like to see?

Travelers might like to see all of the creatures that was alive during the silurian period.

Was there a geologic event that happened in that time period?

Yes, Laurentia and Baltica collided at the end of the Silurian, forming a new supercontinent, Euramerica, and raising new mountain ranges.
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Dominant organisms living at that time - animals and plant

corals, Eurypterids, Arachnids, Psilophyte, Jawed fish

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