Barbara Morgan S.T.E.M Academy

Parent Newsletter ~ April 11th, 2021

Important Dates


12 - Early Release at 2:10pm

14 - PTO meeting in BMSA Gym at 4:15pm

19 - Early Release at 2:10pm

19 - Kindergarten Registration (by appointment only)

20 - 5th grade ELA PT ISAT

20 - Kindergarten Registration (by appointment only)

21 - 4th grade ELA PT ISAT

22 - 3rd grade ELA PT ISAT

26 - Early Release at 2:10pm

27 - 4th grade ELA CAT ISAT

28 - 3rd grade ELA CAT ISAT

29 - 5th grade ELA CAT ISAT

29 - PTO Fundraiser at Blaze Pizza (Chinden/Linder) - See details below

30 - Final day for Parent Input for 2021-2022 Class Placement


5/3 - 5/7 - Staff/Teacher Appreciation Week

3 - Early Release at 2:10pm

4 - 3rd grade Math PT ISAT

5 - 5th grade Math PT ISAT

6 - 4th grade Math PT ISAT

10 - Early Release at 2:10pm

11 - 5th grade Math CAT ISAT

12 - 3rd grade Math CAT ISAT

13 - 4th grade Math CAT ISAT

17 - Early Release at 2:10pm

18 - 5th Science ISAT

18 - Election Day

24 - Early Release at 2:10pm

31 - NO SCHOOL - Memorial Day Holiday


7 - Early Release at 2:10pm

10 - Last day of School (Full day of school)

BMSA Spring Showcase

We are proud to present BMSA's Spring Showcase!

Spring Showcase provides a glimpse into BMSA's Project Based Learning (PBL) instructional approach, in which students acquire content area knowledge, resources and skills to solve a real-world problem or question. This year, due to Covid restrictions, we have found creative ways to present our presentations by providing digital platforms for students to share their PBL designs with our parents, families, friends and community.


Kinder Zoo Coming Soon! Our students are excited to share their knowledge of Life Science with their Kinder Zoo Creations. Depending on gathering restrictions, we hope to welcome parents/guardians to our Outdoor Zoo on the blacktop outside of the Kindergarten Classrooms on Monday, May 24th. At this time, we are limited to gatherings of 50, so we are asking that only parents/guardians attend this event, with face masks required. As the date approaches, more information will be sent home for each class. *If, due to Covid restrictions we cannot host the event on campus, we will post videos to Seesaw.

First Grade

We will be working throughout April and May to design an invention that utilizes animal and plant adaptations to solve a human problem. On May 21, students will showcase their inventions through a digital book and presentation on their classroom Seesaw Blog. The information to access the blog will be sent out for each class.

Second Grade

Second graders have been busy learning about physical properties of matter. To wrap up this investigation, each student built a bridge that had to meet some physical challenges, including crossing a "river," holding weight and allowing a (toy) car to go across it. Students and teachers invite you to see our bridges and the bridge testing activity we did via our classroom Seesaw blog!

Third Grade

Third Grade is excited to showcase their Physical Science inquiry centered around force, motion, and magnetism. Students have been hard at work using recycled materials to design, create and build an Amusement Park Attraction using magnetic forces. (See Caine's Arcade). Students will be presenting their designs and physical science learning through recorded presentations which will be uploaded to Seesaw for families to view WITH their student at home. Watch for discussion questions via teacher newsletters to help guide your conversation with your student.

Fourth Grade

The fourth-grade students of BMSA proudly present their work for the 2020 – 2021 Spring Showcase! This year as fourth grade explored the ways energy moves and changes, we worked to answer the question, “How may we communicate without talking?” Through experimentation and class discussion we developed our understanding of energy. Our efforts culminated in PBL events that placed our classes in imagined settings from extreme landforms in Idaho to the reaches of Mars. We welcome families to view innovative solutions and engineered designs thought of, hypothesized, and tested by our students. Please take time to ask your child about the solution they have innovated, answering our question of communication while viewing digital presentations through Flipgrid and PowerPoint.

Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade will be taking you beyond the Solar System! All year we have been working on plans to colonize exoplanets (planets outside our Solar System) that NASA considers "potentially habitable." Each student has created a colony on one of seven exoplanets using many of our science and social studies standards to guide them. Families will be able to explore all planets and colonies through Discovery Education boards, and each student will prepare a presentation to share their colony at home. Families can plan a night to hear their student's presentation and questions will be provided to engage the family in discussion. Links to class boards will be emailed to families at the end of May.

State Testing Information

April 20th kicks off our State testing of the Idaho Core Standards and Reading Fluency.

All students grades K- 3 will be taking the Idaho Reading Indicator (IRI through ISIP - iStations Indicators of Progress) test that assesses each child’s reading fluency. Students have been partaking in this assessment monthly, building on their skills throughout the year. The State testing window for the K-3 IRI is May 3-28.

All students in grades 3-5 will be taking the Idaho Standards Achievement Test (ISAT), which assesses students’ knowledge in skill in the areas of math and ELA. Below are the testing dates for respective grade levels:

Third Grade ISAT:

April 22 - ELA/Literacy PT (performance task)

April 28 - ELA/Literacy CAT (computer adaptive task)

May 4 - Math PT

May 12 - Math CAT

Fourth Grade ISAT:

April 21 - ELA/Literacy PT (performance task)

April 27 - ELA/Literacy CAT (computer adaptive task)

May 6 - Math PT

May 13 - Math CAT

Fifth Grade ISAT:

April 20 - ELA/Literacy PT (performance task)

April 29 - ELA/Literacy CAT (computer adaptive task)

May 5 - Math PT

May 11 - Math CAT

May 18 - Science (Science ISAT's are given in grades 5th, 8th, and 11th)

*If a student is absent on the day their grade level takes the ISAT, we will have make-ups on:

April 23, 30 and May 7, 14, 21

Teachers and students have been working diligently all year to prepare for these standardized assessments. The tests can be rigorous and require students to provide their best effort. On the date of the exam, please encourage the following for your child:

  • Be present on the date of testing
  • Be well rested
  • Eat a nourishing breakfast and drink hydrating fluids
  • Bring a water bottle
  • Give their best effort and persevere with a positive attitude
  • Bring their fully-charged device (iPad or laptop) with charging cord

5th Grade Middle School Registration

Our Fifth Graders are so excited to have received information about registering for middle school classes for the 2021-2022 school year.

Surrounding middle schools have emailed or sent hard copy packets of registration materials. Each middle school had a different due date, so please call your middle school for more information. If your child did not bring home a middle school registration packet OR you did not receive a digital registration form, please contact Julie Matthews in our front office at (208) 855-4430. She will see which school your child is assigned and provide you with registration information.

If your child is not planning on attending the middle school within your home boundary, you will need to submit an In-district or Out-of-District Transfer form to your middle school for the transfer request. Please call your local middle school for more information on transfers.

Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten Registration is always an exciting time in which our incoming Kindergartners get to visit our school and meet some BMSA staff. This year, Kindergarten Registration will be held in BMSA's gymnasium by appointment only on the following dates:

Monday, April 19th from 2:30pm-7:30pm


Tuesday, April 20th from 4:30pm-6:30pm

*Masks are required and tours of the school will not occur due to Covid restrictions.

If you have questions, please call Julie or Connie (208) 855-4430.

Parent Input for 2021-2022 Class Placements

West Ada School District holds building principals responsible for the classroom assignment of students. At Barbara Morgan STEM Academy, class placement for the upcoming school year is determined through a team effort involving the parent input form, classroom teachers, specialists, and the principal. In order to provide the best education possible, we consider class size, ratio of boys to girls, student abilities and special needs, personalities of students/teachers, and also students that we feel need to be separated.

Parents are a valued member of this decision-making process and we want your input on your child’s class placement. Please take a moment to identify how your child learns best and provide information we should be aware of when considering the learning environment.

Please submit one response per student and please do not request a specific teacher by name.

Click here to submit your Parent Input for Class Placement:

*The Parent Input digital form can be accessed in multiple languages.

Thank you for your help and understanding. At the completion of the placement process, the principal is responsible for the final decision.

Parent input will be accepted through Friday, April 30th.

PTO - BLAZE PIZZA Restaurant Night!

Support BMSA PTO on Thursday, April 29th at Blaze Pizza.

4363 W. Gray Fox St (Chinden/Linder area)


Order mode: In-Restaurant, Blaze Pizza App, or

Blaze Pizza will donate 20% of proceeds from your meal back to our organization.

Two ways to support our organization:

  1. In-Restaurant: Bring in the flyer or show it on your phone before paying.
  2. Online Orders: Orders must be placed online via the Blaze Pizza App or Enter code 1252A into the ‘Promo Code’ field at checkout to have your transaction count toward the fundraiser. If entered correctly, you’ll see a $.01 discount applied to your check which confirms that 20% of your transaction will be counted into the total donation. VALID FOR PICKUP, CURBSIDE & CARRYOUT ONLY.

For orders on or Blaze Pizza App use PROMO CODE: 1252A

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Safety Reminders - Preventing the spread of Covid19

As we head back to school, it is important to keep the following in mind in order to prevent the spread of Covid 19:
  • Masks are required and must be worn properly, covering the nose, mouth and below the chin. We have noticed many masks have stretched and are no longer fitting properly. Please help ensure your child's mask is fitted properly to prevent it from falling below his/her nose.
  • Frequently sanitize/wash your hands.
  • Maintain social distancing.
  • Please keep your child home if he/she is experiencing any of the following symptoms:


Runny Nose





Muscle Aches

Sore Throat

Shortness of Breath



Loss of Smell or Taste

  • If a family member is exhibiting Covid 19 symptoms, or has tested positive, please keep your child home for the recommended 10 to 14 day exposure window.
  • Call our school Health Office if you have any questions about symptoms and/or possible exposure: 208-855-4430.

Thank you for helping prevent the spread of Covid 19 within our school community.

Mindful Mornings Extended through May

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Mindful Mornings is open to all students who want to practice mindfulness.

8:35-8:45 Mondays-Thursdays

BMSA Library

Sign up here:

or sign up by calling the Counselors at 208.855.4432

Research on mindfulness in schools has been shown to positively impact students in the following areas:

  • paying attention,
  • self-control,
  • classroom participation,
  • positive school culture,
  • and respect for others

Basic Needs and Mental Health Resources Available

Basic Needs and Mental Health Resources Available

Visit our Family Resources webpage for information about:

  • Weekend Food Bags (students take a bag home each week)
  • Food Banks
  • Housing Needs
  • Clothing Needs
  • Mental Health Resources

If you're not sure how to get help or what kind of help is out there, please call Counselor Lindsay or Counselor Kristin at 208.855.4432. You can email at or

Yearbooks Available

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Purchase Your BMSA Yearbook Today!

Online orders for the Yearbook are no longer available, however you can still purchase one with cash or check at the front office for $25 (while supplies last).

Lunchtime Supervision Needed

Nothing energizes you more than spending time with kids! Join our lunchtime team supervising students during lunch recess.

We are also looking for a few caring individuals to assist us with crosswalk duty before and/or after school.

For more information, please contact Sarah Brown at 208-855-4430 or

Substitutes Needed

West Ada is hiring Substitutes. You can sub exclusively at BMSA or pick and choose the schools and grades you want to help with. We would love to have some of our BMSA parents substitute within our school.

For more information, visit:

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Camp Invention at BMSA!

Spark your kid’s creativity and confidence with our new Camp Invention® program, Recharge! At BMSA from Aug 2nd to Aug 6th, campers in grades K-6 will team up to take on fun, hands-on STEM challenges. From taking apart their own microphone to exploring solar-powered crickets and designing duck-launching devices, each activity is designed to give your young innovator an unforgettable summer experience. Visit or call 800-968-4332 to secure your spot!

Discover all the fun you’ll have at camp:

Boise Bicycle Project offers Free Bikes and Repair

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Boise Bicycle Project has kicked off their Mobile Fix-it season, where they set up a pop-up bike repair shop in the community and fix kid's bikes with the help of volunteers! They will be out in the community every Wednesday afternoon 3:30-5:30 from now until October (as well as a few Friday days).

Also, they are starting the BASH Bike giveaway and safety course this April, in which children ages 4-11 are given a bicycle, lock, helmet and lights after completing an hour long safety course. This is in addition to our Teen Bike Giveaway, in which teens in need of reliable transportation as well as mental/physical health relief are matched with bicycles! More information as well as enrollment for both programs are available at the Youth Giveaways tab of the website,

Finally, if you are interested in volunteering to help these programs, check out the volunteer tab: