Technology Rules For Parents


Ten Rules of Technology

1. Do not click on ads that say you could win a free trip. It is a scam, and could download viruses that will damage your computer.

2. Do not watch your kids all the time to see what they are doing online. It creeps your children out and makes them uncomfortable. You want them to act safe but also have fun.

3. Make sure your children aren't using technology all day. The more they are on it the more unsafe it could become for them and the more they will want to use it. Make sure they are still doing their school work.

4. Never sign up for anything unless you know what it is for. You don't want people knowing your private information if they aren't reliable. They could find out where you live, your credit card information, and even where you work.

5. Make sure your children aren't on their technology when they are supposed to be sleeping. They will lose sleep and might not do as well at school.

6. Make the consequences of making bad choices online clear. You want your kids to behave appropriately online. You also want them to stay out of trouble but still enjoy technology

7. Make sure your children know they can come talk to you if they are being bullied online. You don't want your kids to hurt themselves because they hid the truth.

8. Tell your children that technology is a privilege and not a right. Just because kids can use it doesn't mean you can't take it away from them.

9. Make sure you are keeping your children safe but don't be overprotective. Teens might do the opposite of what you say just because they don't want to be treated as children.

10. Make sure when you are using technology that you have fun! Find things you enjoy using online and learn more about the digital age.

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