5th Grade

Keefe, Kingsley & Ward

Upcoming Events

October 22nd: Ecosystem Test

October 23rd: Math Unit 2 Quiz 1 (Mrs. Ward's Math)

October 30th: Vocabulary Day (more information to come)

November 3rd: Picture Retake Day

November 16th: Fall Conferences (sign up coming soon)

Pirate Praise

Throughout the school year your child will bring home postcards from their house teachers for some specific Pirate Praise! Please watch for these coming home from time to time. When your child does bring one home, please join us in celebrating their awesome work at school!


Practicing Reader's Theater and Caldecott books are a must! Using our voice will help our Kindergarten Buddies to understand how important punctuation and expression are while reading orally. After our class discussions, your students are growing as readers in so many ways and I am so very proud of them!

Next week we will be conferencing on reading logs and our discussions have been extremely honest and goals have been set! Hopefully your child conferred with you as well!

In the next few weeks we are going to be focusing on understanding and interpreting a story and as readers, we will be paying attention to:

* characters: their traits, motivations, relationships, life lessons

* plot: How do events that happen later connect to earlier ones?

* setting: Mood, changes, how does the setting affect characters?

* repeating objects: Why is that object spotlighted? Does it stand for something?


Students submitted their first published piece of writing today (Friday)! It was a long stretch of writing, revising, revising, editing, and more revising. The students should be very proud of their hard work. They have build up wonderful endurance over term one and can successfully write for a focused 30 minutes!

Next week is our unit three spelling test. Students have five spelling words that are given to the whole class and two words are their personalized spelling words. Please be sure to go over these seven words with your child to prep for next week's next.


I am so proud of how hard my math classes worked on our fraction unit! Students did a fantastic job on their math tests. Next week's Math Take Home Folders will have your child's math test for you to look over. Please remember to sign the sheet and return the folder with your child on Monday.

We will begin transitioning into our decimal unit next week. Students will start by understanding how fractions and decimals are related. With this, students will explore how to visually show decimals using base ten blocks.

After this unit, students will be able to:

*Add/Subtract decimals

*Compare decimals

*Round decimals

*Model decimals using base ten blocks

*Solve word problems with decimals

Social Studies

Social Studies students (Keefe's and Kingsley's classes) are learning about the earliest colonies settled by English colonists. Students are also practicing their geography skills and becoming more aware of current events on a daily basis.


Next week students will be wrapping the Ecosystem unit. Students have explored how nature's recyclers ( decomposers, scavengers, producers, and consumers,) all affect the decomposition of organic remains. In addition, they created food chains with consumers, producers, and decomposers. Check back next week for a few pictures of students' food chains.

As we are wrapping up our Ecosystem unit, we will have our final assessment on Thursday, October 22. Here is a link to the study guide that students can use to prepare for this assessment.

Accelerated Math - Mrs. Quick

This week in math, we worked on subtracting whole numbers and decimals through thousandths, as well as our precision, so that we didn’t make small errors that would/could lead to incorrect solutions. We also spent time explaining our mathematical thinking using Puzzled Penguin questions and journal prompts. Lastly, we discussed properties and strategies that would help us compute mentally. Our first quiz of this unit was today.

Pewaukee Youth Levi Leadership Program

What is it?

The goal of the youth program is that as the future young leaders in Pewaukee, students are able to:

  • Gain an awareness of the need for community service, civic participation, and philanthropy
  • Increase familiarity with areas in Pewaukee beyond your immediate neighborhood and school
  • Interact with adult leaders in private, public, and non-profit sectors
  • Acquire a network of adult and youth leaders in Waukesha County, forming an excellent basis for your academic and professional success

Extra Details:

Meetings are held at the Pewaukee Public Library from 4:00 - 5:00 on the specified dates below. For more information and sign up, please ask your homeroom teacher for a copy of the application and cover sheet.

November 5th and 19th

January 7th and 21st

February 4th and 18th

March 3rd and 17th

April 7th and 21st

May 5th and 19th

Band Practice Schedule

Please help us out by looking into your student's band schedule. Remind them of the day of the week they have practice and the time. Next week will be the "black week."