Trip Through the Universe!

We'll see everything you've ever dreamed of!

It'll Be a Blast!

Visiting The Sun

Our sun is an average main sequence star and will definitely be seen on this trip. An average main sequence star is located on the H-R diagram where most stars lie. It has a diagonal pattern from the top right to lower left. If you buy the trip to the sun, with the massive main-sequence star package its $100 off!

Visiting Spica

Spica is a massive main-sequence star and is 30,000 degrees Celsius. A massive main-sequence star is located on the H-R diagram where most stars lie, in the top left corner. This star comes with the package of the average main-sequence star.

Red Giant

If you are interested in other parts of the universe such as different types of stars, there is the package of the other stars. A red giant is a large reddish, star late in it's life cycle. One red giant that would we visited would be Mira. This star comes in the package with the red super-giant, white dwarf, nuetron star, and planetary nebula.

Red Super-Giant

A red super-giant is a giant, reddish star late in it's life cycle. A massive main-sequence star will become a red super-giant. Betelgeuse is a red super-giant and would be a great star to see.

White Dwarf

A white dwarf is a small, hot dim star that is the left-over center of an old star. It is formed from a planetary nebula and along the life cycle of an average main-sequence star. Right now if you buy this trip separately, it's half off!

Neutron Star

A neutron star is a star that has collapsed under gravity to the point that the electrons and protons have smashed together to form neutrons. They are the densest and smallest stars known in the universe. One neutron star know is RX J 1856.5-3754.

Planetary Nebula

A planetary nebula is another branch to an average main-sequence star. It's a large cloud of dust and gas in interstellar space. A planetary nebula is a type of emission nebula. They result in white dwarfs.

Open Cluster

You also have an option of buying a star cluster trip where we travel to an open cluster and globular cluster. It will defiantly be worth your money and you can even try to count the stars if you want. An open cluster is a group of stars that are close together relative to surrounding stars.

Globular Clusters

A Globular cluster is a tight group of stars that looks like a ball and contains up to a million stars. It would be great to see and it comes at a great value. You can buy this, the open cluster, and the stellar nebula in the same package right now for only $1.5M.

Stellar Nebula

A stellar nebula is another one of the greatest sights of the universe. It's a large cloud of dust and gas in interstellar space; a region where stars are born or where stars explode at the end of their lives.


A supernova is a spectacle to see. You can buy this in a package with the Black Hole and Quasar. A supernova is one of the buyers favorites. It's a gigantic explosion in which a massive star collapses and throws its outer layers into space. It has an overall rating of 5 stars!


Quasar's are very distant. They are thought to be the most distant objects in the universe. They are really amazing. Quasars are a very luminous star-like object that generates energy at a high rate. They are also thought to be the opposite of black holes.

Black Hole

A black hole is also very amazing. It's gravitational pull is so great that even light cannot escape. It is also very massive and dense. Many scientists think black holes are opposite of Quasars, which will be seen if you buy the package of the supernova, quasar, and black hole.

Spiral Galaxy

All in all the coolest part of the trip is seeing our own galaxy from a asteroids viewpoint. A spiral galaxy is a galaxy with a center bulge and arms spiraling out. Our own galaxy the Milky Way is a spiral galaxy.

Elliptical Galaxy

An elliptical galaxy is an interesting shaped galaxy, it's shaped like an oval. It is made of stars and is one of the most common type of galaxy. This galaxy is cheaper if you buy with the Spiral galaxy.

It'll be a Blast!

This trip is once in a life time. Right now you can buy one get one half off! This will be a great learning experience and bonding experience for children and the whole family. Seats are limited, book now before they're gone!